"City of the future" on the banks of the Kama

Text: Maria Fadeeva

Perm Central Embankment was the focus of the game "City of the future" at the beginning of October. The SS intervened outside Moscow, where all previous project activities took place, together with a friendly project Creative Industries. For 2 years now, the Perm authorities first announced their vision of a subordinate city as the cultural capital of both Russia and Europe. Since then, a museum of modern art has opened here. Perm, several international architectural competitions took place, the number of various festivals increased. In accordance with the declared strategy of Perm, the SS dedicated an away game to the project Museum Mile, which is designed to organize the space of Ordzhonikidze Street. It stretches over the Kama coast, and a large number of local objects of historical and cultural heritage are concentrated on it. Unusually many architects came to play, including design students, however, there were economists, officials, and other "condolences." Representatives of the five formed teams commented on their participation in the event, as well as the very idea of ​​reorganizing the embankment.

Sergey Tarasov

Architect and teacher

He has been living in Perm for 30 years, he got to the city by distribution after graduating from the Faculty of Architecture in Nizhny Novgorod. He played in the winning team, which proposed the creation of several levels of the promenade, designed for various traffic flows.

I have had ideas about the arrangement of this place for a long time; I was still drawing with students proposals for the embankment. We all want to see the city as a worthy cultural capital, but it is the cultural and historical part that is in the most abandoned form. Gathering here, I planned to offer specific places for the monuments to Stroganov and Ermak, as well as replacing the brand letter "P" (developed by Artemy Lebedev. ed.) on the bear. Different bears. We consider a bear’s land, a bear’s corner, they say that we have bears walking in the streets. So to put them, we already have one - it is a success. And then, I saw a free newspaper in the city explaining about the "Red Men" (installed near the Philharmonic Hall, author Andrei Lublinsky. Ed.), About "P", what is it and why. But after all, if a monument appears to Vasily Tatishchev the founder of Perm, and so everything will be clear. Various tricks and frogs appeared right there ... I don’t call the Museum of Modern Art anything but disgrace, here the abusive word was written in the lobby and not by hooligans, but by museum workers.

I very much understand the final position of the English experts, as if the proposals of all the teams are too large. After all, at the very beginning of the game, we were set an ambitious task, saying that the center of Perm should solve social, economic, cultural problems.

Aleksandr Kuznetsov

PSU graduate student, economist, director of the Perm branch of RS Telecom LLC

He lives in the city for 5 years. He came to the game to collect material for a dissertation on the new regional cultural policy of the Perm Territory. One of the key elements of his team’s proposal was the construction of a bridge across the Kama from the Upper Kurya region.

Before the museum opened Perm, it was more than depressing here, and I frantically did not like this city. Now it’s really interesting, and I let go of the thought of leaving. So I am in complete delight that it has become more interesting to live here. Honestly, I did not know what to expect from the event, the words game and the city of the future did not tell me anything special. I liked that at first we came up with 2 ideas in the team, and as soon as they were approved, in 5 minutes we turned everything 180 degrees - we came up with 2 new ones. I liked working in a team with different people. We have an experienced architect, municipal employees, a girl urban planner and one curator. The disputes were substantive, a public discussion was obtained, peculiar, but understandable, and most importantly, extremely necessary. And now people are not involved in the process of cultural development, the state is talking to itself, but the population does not hear them. Through the same meetings you can reach part of the audience

Alexander Bondar

Architect of the Regional Monument Protection Center

I just held consultations regarding the preservation of the heritage of Perm with my colleague Robert Towerman. His team called its concept “Beginning,” focusing on presenting the city’s historical milestones in various formats

I’m new to such an event, but interesting. I believe that they are needed in any city, you need to move the society a little. It’s difficult, of course, to work in a team, I, perhaps, slightly disagree with the general decision, but this is a consensus. It is always useful to know the opinion of others; one cannot be 100% sure of one's own rightness. If you are a smart person, then after listening to others, you will learn something.

Naturally, I follow my patrimony on the protection of monuments, other people talk more about the economy. Here the landscape itself is a monument, and this promenade is an important historical place. Perm began to develop from here, the first stone church of the city is located here, all museums are built along the promenade, so it’s convenient to take cultural walks and combine business with pleasure. The site has great potential to become the face of the city, but for this it is important that the project is unified, and not that each museum would plan its specific princedom.

Another question is that the idea of ​​rebuilding the embankment is not new, the Dutch have already developed the project, now the Perm bureau of the architect Sergey Shamarin has won the competition. It turns out that we were a little late. This must be done at the beginning of the process.

I do not really like the project that is now, however, I did not see the latest version. There, over the railroad (runs along the river, at the bottom of the coastal slope), 3 connectors similar to a crane beam with elevators are thrown. I don’t really want to go down the elevator to the embankment with my grandson, all the more so since almost nothing will change below: a few tracks and a couple of vandal-proof stalls will appear. In my opinion, not a single sociological survey was conducted when this entire global project was launched for Perm.

Olga Martelova

Head of Sputnik Tourism Bureau Development Department (Perm)

Permyachka, organizes a variety of excursions for city guests. One of the differences in her team's offer was the organization of opportunities for interactive acquaintance with local attractions.

Museum mile - a new project, it was important for me to find out its prospects, to understand how it can be presented to the guests of our city and how to interest local residents. In my school memory, I only remember an excursion to a diorama, the results of which show that the history of Perm began in 1905. So many residents of the Perm region do not know about the history of the city: why the street is called Sibirskaya, why there is a monument at the Gorky Garden, which used to be in the building of the puppet theater.

Here, smart lyuli acted as experts at the game, a fresh look from the outside is important and necessary, but you still need to study the opinion of the Permians themselves first and ask them.

Ksenia Pushina

Student of the State Agricultural Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering

I came to the game with the teachers, and for the first time I visited the PERMM museum. Her team consisted entirely of architects. Among the proposed measures for the arrangement of the embankment, the most ambitious is the funicular connecting 2 levels of the coast.

When they said the name of the game, I decided that the central idea is to create a city of the future, that different people's ideas about it will be collected into one. Only when I came here I learned that it was specifically about Perm. So much closer and dearer. I didn’t think at all that it was possible to discuss our ideas about the city with other people like that. I like that you can do your part. Moreover, the idea of ​​a museum street seems relevant to me, although inPerm I am the first time. But this territory can really be “collected” in such a way that people will be interested - both visitors and locals.

Watch the video: Real Life Trick Shots. Dude Perfect (April 2020).

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