People in the city: Visitors to the festival "Oh yes! Food!"

Big food festival in the Central Park Kirov is perhaps the first serious answer to Moscow's gastronomic picnics and city food markets. At four venues on Yelagin there are kiosks of large restaurant chains and small start-up companies, each of which offered three or four special positions. The menu was not very diverse: every second participant was selling kebabs and burgers, every third - woks and fresh fruit. Despite this, huge, sometimes almost insurmountable lines lined up at the counters.

Life around visited the festival "Oh yes! Food!" and asked visitors about their impressions of open air, all about food.


Guide to the gastronomic festival "Oh yes! Food!"


20 years;
graduate of GSOM SPbSU

“I eat burritto with vegetables from Globus Gourmet. I also bought berries and fruits in various shops, and in the morning I ate bagels from friends in BGL. I want to try a lot: cupcakes are very entertaining, chewing gum with absinthe or AmGum bacon.

I do not make a cult of food, but recently, like many, perhaps, I began to think more and more about the benefits and taste. Methods of preparation, technology, spices. I think this is happening, because today there are more opportunities that you can take advantage of. So I’m using it. "



and Natalya

29 and 35 years old, 33 years old;
gourmet salt sellers

Sergei: "We just drank ginger lemonade from the Fruit Shop, it turned out to be picky. Very tasty, but really ginger."

Natalya: "Now we eat chicken from the restaurant" On the River ", there are still very tasty cookies."

Sergei: "I’m not seeing here people who just eat to get enough. People who have gathered for it are more likely to be a form of relaxation. And the food that can be found here is no longer quite food. This is already something higher."

Masha and Olga

24 and 22 years old;
graduate of GSOM SPbSU
and assistant to the deputy of ZakSa SPb

Masha: "We have a hot dog from Two Wands. It’s not very, frankly: cold. We heard that they had an American restaurant open, but they didn’t have a chance to try, so we decided."

Olga: “We know“ Two sticks ”, that's why we came here. I myself don’t really like new places - I prefer brands that are already familiar and have established themselves.”

Masha: "And I love to discover something unfamiliar and try something new. But when you come and see such lines as here, the desire disappears."

Olga: "Food generally plays a huge role in my personal life. If I eat deliciously, then my mood will be normal. If not, it will immediately fall."


student studying art history and architecture

“I was already lost here, and I had a little depression. That's why I ate a lot during this period of time: Belaya Dacha salads, salmon roll from Marketplace, and still with me a cup of Oz cappuccino, although Coffee in the kitchen "I prefer. I want to get some food and go boating. Apparently, for this I will have to return to the Marketplace, even if the choice is small.

The concept of “Restaurant Day” as a self-organized culinary holiday loses to such events due to the unknown factor. We do not know who and what will feed us. This is a risk. "

Igor and Masha

25 and 16 years old;
doctor and schoolgirl

Igor: “Food is a form of pleasure. It’s worth attaching great importance to what you eat. Moreover, given the rhythm we live in, you have to replenish energy reserves regularly. Even fast food should be both healthy and tasty.

Comparing a restaurant day and this festival is difficult. This is a different format, and they have different goals. Those who want to come and visit familiar places in unfamiliar surroundings come here. And those who want something new, a kind of culinary extreme, - the closer, probably, "Restaurant Day". "


32 years;

“At first we had a children's program: the Ginza platform, then a performance for children. And now we decided to try the lamb skewers from the Garland. I’m a kebab lover, and this one is quite good - it’s solid four. Although it’s embarrassing at the festival getting food is not easy because of the queues. Therefore, I can’t try the hrychin from Brynza.

Daria and Kim

24 years and 26 years;

Bank employee
and representative of Hyundai

Daria: "We really liked the big hamburgers at the Fruit Shop and the cookies from The CookieShop. There are some really good sweets here, but I’ve tried most of them before."

Kim: "This festival is interesting to me in that I have the opportunity to see many different national traditional cuisines that I have never seen or tried before."

Daria: “Paying the entrance fee to“ Oh yes! Food! ”Is not very pleasant. You came to get acquainted with the kitchen, paid. Only in one day. And inside you again have to get your wallet to try something. Tastings here, in theory, are held but somehow very strange. Restaurants do not so much familiarize themselves with their cuisine and dishes as they simply make their own advertising. A dubious concept. A restaurant day looks much more advantageous. "


28 years;
personal assistant director
marketing in an international IT company

"I ate a wok in the Marketplace - rice noodles with shrimps, and now I drink my favorite aperole from Jimmy Yeltsin Bar. I also look at the burgers in Zig Zag. I heard about them. Although, probably, the Cheese Shop deserves the most attention.

Restaurant Day is a very worthy alternative to such festivals. Of course, I like to relax and lie on the grass like that with music with my favorite cocktail. But when different people cook, according to their own recipes, and not just promoted brands, it’s cool. You can meet people who cook smartly, but, unfortunately, are unknown to the masses. And you can stumble upon something poorly cooked in a restaurant. "


23 years
Corporate Banking Support Officer

“I ate a burger in Zig Zag. At the festival level, it’s not bad, but not at all outstanding. The Cookie Shop really pleased (however, as always). I don’t really like sweets, but cupcakes have such a passion - I can eat them constantly, which, in general, I do.

In general, there was clearly not enough Indian or Thai cuisine. I love Thai cuisine, so I noticed right away. Woki is not that. If you compare "Food" with "Restaurant Day", then, probably, there as a result the menu will be more diverse and original, which is cool. The rest is not bad. "


30 years;
pianist and startup

“I’m eating a bagel from“ Yat ”now. I wanted it with meat, but they only had chicken. And it’s also cold. But, in principle, it’s delicious, it’s felt that it’s made right here, fresh. I also drank a bottle of Club-Mate and I look closely to the American version of “Two Sticks” and Italian ice cream.

I didn’t have enough national food: pilaf, a more traditional lamb shish kebab, something oriental, borscht would have looked good here. But there are a lot of colorful people around. Although they are somehow not very positive, a little snobbish. "

Photos: Dima Tsyrenshchikov

Watch the video: Festival City Volunteers (April 2020).

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