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An action of unprecedented generosity: How to effectively conduct contests in social networks

Hearts for iPhones

The simplest mechanics that even large companies abuse are the distribution of free prizes in exchange for users and their friends, for example, joining a group on VKontakte. The obvious advantage is simplicity; it will save a lot of money on attracting subscribers.

They play in most cases, of course, Apple products. IPhones, iPods and MacBooks diverge like hotcakes - all of a sudden, even with the manufacturer of Just5 phones. Their Facebook action gathered a huge number of likes and shares: in a month the page grew from 2,000 fans to 22,000.

Similarly, the KFC fast food network acted at the launch of communities on Facebook and VKontakte. Each subscriber received free sandwiches. Giving your own products is logical (a stone in the garden Just5). You are gathering an army of fans of your product. By handing out iPhones, you are likely to get people who are interested in Steve Jobs products, not yours. And it will be harder to interest them.

Decent mechanics - to reduce the price of goods for likes / hearts. A couple of years ago, the Uniqlo brand was actively engaged in this in the Western market, and now offline merchants are successfully using it. There are a lot of options: the price becomes lower after reaching a certain number of subscribers to the group, with every like under the publication, with every check on foursquare, etc. Users see real benefits, and sales will please the businessman.

Entertain, not attract

The distribution of iPhones or something else has the flip side of the coin. People will come for the competition, and not to stay with you for long. Not the fact that you hold their attention longer than the competition will last. But companies come to social networks for a long time, right?

Professional tricks will come to you. Those who 10 years ago collected caps from soda to get an audio player feel great on social networks. From companies they do not need anything but gifts. Everything will fit - from a car to a roll of toilet paper. (Check out this site and read the discussion of promotions.)

Attracting an audience not interested in your product, you will have to invest a lot of effort in retaining it. As a result, the relative cheapness of competitions compared to targeted advertising will gradually come to naught.


Competitions are good entertainment for the audience
you have already collected
and interested.


The functionality of social networks is not so rich, but it is enough for simple competitions. Typically, brands offer answers to questions, share photos or write thoughts on a given topic. Most of the mechanics comes down to this, and what story it all turns into depends on your imagination. For example, the Obukhov Toilet Paper Factory offers to write “quotes” on its (or someone else’s - what’s the difference in general) products and upload photos to a Facebook page.

When choosing mechanics, you need to clearly understand the IQ and EQ of the audience. At photo contests, get ready that the quality of the work is unlikely to meet your aesthetic criteria. There may not be work on video contests: you need very strong motivation to make users overcome laziness.

Measure the complexity of tasks and mechanics with how much the audience loves you! Fans of brands like BMW are ready to answer the questions of administrators just like that, without waiting for gifts and rewards. But BMW is loved, and for a long time and strongly, and you?

Be white and fluffy

Compliance with some formalities will save you from communicating with the tax police, lawsuits or the sudden disappearance of your group from the face of a social network.

Do not confuse contests and lotteries!

A lottery is almost the same as a contest, only the winner is determined randomly. The most commonly used random number generators. Surely, fortune-telling is going on with the cursor on the screen.

If there is no “objective criterion” in determining the winners (for example, a jury decision), then this is a lottery! The organizer must register it in the manner prescribed by law. This procedure is not quick, but sanctions by the Federal Tax Service will be unpleasant.

By the way, the Just5 example also falls under the definition of a lottery. Larger companies also violate the violations: a micro-scandal happened not so long ago on the Promsvyazbank page.

Total: any citizen can attribute the application to the tax - this is enough to cause problems for the lottery organizer. If your business has at least state registration and at least one ill-wisher, remember: sometimes it is unpleasant to be a pioneer.

Write legal rules

For any, even a small competition with prizes, it is better to have written and published legal rules. They describe all the details: dates, prizes and their cost, the mechanics of the competition and determining the winners, who pays taxes on the prize and so on.

According to the law, creative contests should even have a socially useful goal! So, when a toothpaste producer gives a trip to the Maldives to the author of the photo with a snow-white smile, the action’s rules set a goal - "improving the literacy of the population in dentistry and dental care."

Individual businesses or small companies are unlikely to worry about visits from the FAS or tax due to incorrect competition rules in the VKontakte group. But this formality will save you at least from unscrupulous participants who express dissatisfaction with the results.

Be careful with Apple

The products of this company are very fond of giving organizers of competitions. Nevertheless, the company officially prohibits any third parties from holding promotions in which its products are used as prizes. According to rumors, Apple officially comes to Russia, and the prescriptions for its brands are now another reason to think.

Be careful with Facebook

Terms of use of pages on this social network prohibit the holding of contests directly on the page. Surprise? Yes, for Russians this is news for years. Any competitions formally should take place only in applications, and on the "wall" (that is, in the "chronicle") - only content.

Only the insignificance of the Russian market for the American office of the social network and the weak position of Facebook regarding the democratic VKontakte save from this scourge. So far, none of the pages of Russian companies has been warned by the administration about a violation of the rules, although the vast majority violated the notorious Pages Terms, and more than once.

How to do contests on social networks correctly?

- Tie contests to the maximum to your business. Give discounts for likes, give your own products. Come up with contests about you, not about Apple.

- Do not complicate. Even simple photo contests or answers to questions work if you come up with a beautiful story around them. The more complex the mechanics, the less willing the users to participate.

- Competitions are not the most effective promotion tool. In any case, you have to talk about your products, jump on one leg, read a poem from a stool - you need to clearly understand this. If you have nothing to offer, except contests, spend them somewhere on the forum or in the popular group on VKontakte, but do not start separate channels for contests.

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