American dream: 8 brands of cosmetics from the USA that are worth knowing

It seems that we have not been surprised for a long time either in our time with the very coveted shades of Urban Decay, or ColourPop lipsticks, or Origins masks. Nevertheless, in America there remained a huge number of beauty brands - well-known and not very famous - about which practically nothing is heard in Russia. We have selected several of them, they diversify the usual ritual of personal care and will be a great gift. And just in case, we note that it is often more profitable to use the services of an intermediary than to deliver cosmetics from the USA directly.

TEXT: Irina Evdokimova

Herbivore botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals is a young care brand founded by a Seattle-based couple with strong moral beliefs. The brand’s products are created from natural ingredients and are sold in biodegradable packaging, and the collection is not tested on animals. The assortment includes oils for face and body, masks for any occasion, multifunctional sprays, cosmetics for men and much more. In addition to beauty products, the online store sells just about everything for well-being and a sense of harmony: beautiful ceramics, green tea, candles and books.

What to buy: moisturizing face spray with rose and hibiscus, mask with AHA and BHA Blue Tansy acids, beard oil with cedar and bergamot

Where to buy: on Revolve or the official website

Beauty bakerie

Beauty Bakerie decorative cosmetics is beautiful in many ways: recognizable packaging reminiscent of takeaway desserts from your favorite coffee shop, excellent formulas and wonderful shades. Most of all, perhaps, the brand became famous thanks to liquid lipsticks that equally endure coffee, a couple of glasses and even kisses. However, the brand’s successes are not limited to this: in the assortment you can find persistent eyeshadow (which, of course, are called EyesCream), a brilliant gel for gluing sparkles and shining highlighters in banks that prompt you to buy ice cream at a nearby supermarket.

What to buy: matte liquid lipstick Whip Lip, gel eyeliner GELato, highlighter Frosted Illuminator

Where to buy: on Asos, Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty


Rodin cosmetics was clearly created for the occasion when you want to treat yourself to something special and for a special occasion. The price of the funds breaks the heart, but without exception, all the products look so beautiful and work with dignity that they deserve to at least add a few of them to the wishlist. Mark was founded by an icon of the style of the 60s, model and stylist Linda Rodin, who at almost 70 continues to serve as an inspiration for a huge number of people around the world. The brand collection includes perfumes, countless oils for various purposes and bright lipsticks, which the creator herself loves.

What to buy: caring lip balm, Luxury Lipstick, body oil with jasmine and neroli

Where to buy: on Amazon or through an intermediary on the official website

Milk makeup

Milk Makeup is a peppy indie brand that relies on using make-up for fun and expression. The brand belongs to the popular publication Milk, which publishes materials on fashion, culture and entertainment. Milk Makeup products have already gained an army of fans, which is not surprising: the combination of vegan ingredients, futuristic packaging and versatility is clearly a win-win. Among the favorite bestsellers are multifunctional products for lips and cheeks, a rainbow highlighter in a stick, persistent pigment for the eyes, eyeliner in the form of a marker and much more.

What to buy: Cooling Water Moisturizing Stick, Holographic Stick Highlighter, Face Gloss Moisturizer

Where to buy: through an intermediary on the official website and in Sephora

Elizabeth Mott

The name of the New York brand Elizabeth Mott combines the two famous streets of Manhattan: Elizabeth Street and Mott Street. And although the company’s office managed to move to the carefree Hawaiian islands, the brand’s founder is still driven by the goal of creating cosmetics to match the fast-paced life in the metropolis. Without a doubt, she succeeded in this: the products with ironic inscriptions turned out to be really funny (which is worth one mask One Bad Motha'foamer, which foams right on the face), extremely high quality and requiring minimal effort when using.

What to buy: It's So Big Mascara, Whatup Beaches Bronzer, Color is Bae

Where to buy: on the official site


The famous Fresh lip balms are perhaps the best alternative to Blistex. They are so good that it seems that they could be finished, but this is not permissible: the brand also has cute scrubs and body oils, time-tested masks for any skin type and even perfumes in laconic bottles - all from natural ingredients. If the above advantages did not inspire you to buy, feel free to look into the brand’s instagram - at least for a significant portion of inspiration.

What to buy: Vitamin Nectar Face Shine Mask, Sugar Lip Treatment Lip Balm, Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Oil

Where to buy: through an intermediary on the official website and in Sephora

Mario badescu

In 1967, chemist and cosmetologist Mario Badescu opened his first cosmetic salon in New York: his cosmetics quickly became popular due to its inherent effectiveness and transparent composition. After 50 years, the brand’s products have not changed much: the same ingenuous (no less charming from this) bottles and effective components that do their job. Most of the brand’s assortment is dedicated to the care of problematic skin of the face and body of all types - from very dry and acne-prone to sensitive and mature.

What to buy: salicylic acid cleansing gel for problematic skin, drying lotion for inflammation, Whitening Mask

Where to buy: on Beauty Bay or through an intermediary on the official website and in Sephora

French girl organics

Another brand whose funds clearly bless buyers for eternal hedonism, although a bit of regularity in the routine of self-care has not bothered anyone. The brand’s cosmetics combined vegan ingredients with a photogenic design, and even won recognition from Emma Watson. Of course, the image of the mysterious Frenchwoman is attached to all the means of the brand - the creator of the brand, Christine Griffin Grimes, owes her inspiration to her French roots and love for growing herbs and flowers.

What to buy: Néroli du Maroc face oil, mint and rosemary bath salt, Lumière Moonlight Body Oil illuminating body oil

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