Life around guide: How to live in a rented apartment, if the owners are against repair

The owners of rented apartments are divided into two categories. The former prefer to qualitatively repair the housing, to equip it with the necessary equipment. They do not allow couples with small children, cats and smokers to enter the doorstep, set a price higher than the market price, but it is pleasant to live in such rented apartments.

The owners of the second type rent dead apartments: inherited from their grandmothers, with repairs and furniture from the time of the Moscow Olympics. And on the proposal of residents to make repairs at the expense of the rent, they are categorically refused. It turns out that such an apartment can be made pleasant for life, even if nothing can be repainted, re-glued and thrown away in it.

Hide things

The feeling of clutter creates primarily an abundance of small objects. We pack the household inheritance into boxes and try to find a place for them on the mezzanine, under the bed, put it in a niche between the ceiling and the upper cabinets of the kitchen unit.

Failed to hide everything? We move the sofa half a meter from the wall, flush with the back, we place stacks of boxes the entire length of the seat, cover the resulting structure with a wide board from the nearest construction market or a finished shelf from IKEA - we get a functional console. From boxes in the same way, you can arrange the continuation of a computer table or stand-column under a giant flower pot. So that the boxes do not irritate with their appearance, they can be pasted over with a mirror film - let them dissolve in space.

Do a permutation

Start with a wardrobe and a wall: they should be at the wall where the interior door is located. The fact is that volumetric objects make the space visually heavy, therefore it is better if they are not visible from the entrance.

Modify furniture

Almost any cabinet can ennoble beautiful fittings; check out the nearest Zara Home or one of the interior decor stores. Simple replacement of handles can sometimes save even a hopeless kitchen set. Just in case, do not throw away the old ones: if the owner does not like the update, when you part with the apartment, you will return the furniture to its original state.

Spare no money - replace the shelves of the lower kitchen cabinets with drawers. You will be surprised: a lot more objects are placed in a box, they can be covered at a glance and it is easier and more convenient to use them. The sizes of headsets, especially in old apartments, have a standard width of 40-60 centimeters, filling for them is sold in any modern kitchen salon.

An ugly kitchen table will be covered by an attractive tablecloth. A shabby computer desk can be modified with plexiglass: hold them to what your eye will enjoy - beautiful wallpapers, wrapping paper or even a collection of substrates from McDonald's trays.

A beautiful plaid and decorative pillows, removable seats on chairs will help hide the ugly upholstery of upholstered furniture. And the new bright bedding does not even need a bedspread.

Decorate the window

Naturally, it is possible and necessary to change the curtains. It is not necessary to buy some special designer textiles, it is enough to simply replace the old Soviet tulle with modern curtains. Be sure to plant several pots of lush greens on the windowsill. There are a lot of unpretentious plants on sale: for especially forgetful gardeners and those who often go on business trips.

Change the light

Most often, apartments in the old foundation have a single chandelier in the center of the room. Living with such lighting is uncomfortable: it is either small or large, whatever lamps you screw in. Replace the button switch with a rotary rheostat: you can control the brightness of the lamp.
Try to avoid the upper light in the evenings: he ruthlessly emphasizes all the shortcomings of the apartment. The lower floor light, on the contrary, will help create a chamber atmosphere. The more local lamps (floor lamps, table lamps), the better - just forget about the existence of a common light.

Set up a bathroom

Do you know that shower heads are sold as a separate item? To replace them, you do not even need to call the plumbing: they unscrewed the old one with the hose - they screwed a new one. It would seem a trifle, but how nice it is to finally wash yourself in the shower with a normal pressure.

From shabby walls and peeling paint, you can distract attention. For example, a mirror in an intricate frame, a curtain with an original print, bright rugs, high-quality towels, finally. It remains to put a living plant in the bathroom. Bamboo shoots, for example, do not need natural light, and they tolerate great humidity.

Nadia Zotova

interior designer
Enjoy home

Do not place furniture along walls: try to highlight areas. For example, the sofa in the living room can be deployed across the room or highlight the dining room, moving the dining table away from the wall.
Walls with old wallpaper can always be masked with posters or large-format paintings. In general, you can hang anything on the walls: in the corridor place a collection of hats interspersed with mirrors, and in the living room - travel photos, old plates and engravings. The denser the hang, the less visible the walls.

And the most important advice: do not treat the rented apartment as a temporary housing. Decorate the house for the holidays, buy beautiful accessories, bring things from travel - in a word, do everything you would do in your own apartment.

Masha Yashina

interior designer

I myself have often had to rent a house, and I know firsthand the difficulties of housing such an apartment. So, let's imagine that you were able to wash and clean everything that was possible as much as possible, got rid of what the owners agreed to part with, made a rational permutation. I advise you now to go to the store and buy a bed with a normal mattress. Yes, moving a bed from apartment to apartment is not so simple. But still, it’s more pleasant to sleep on something really your own, and most importantly, sound and high-quality.

It is better to hang peeling walls and shabby wallpapers. If the owners do not allow drilling of the walls, purchase a gallery mount system. Pictures, posters, panels of fabric with a favorite pattern - what to hang, you decide. The intimidating holes from the drill will be covered by a thin metal profile under the ceiling. In the end, the holes will be easier to close when leaving, at a height flaws are not so visible.
In general, textiles are your savior. Start with windows, change the curtains. Once, instead of a spreading organza, I hung a thick canvas on the windows, which the artists pull on a stretcher. Due to its structure, she created architectural folds, and the windows in this frame began to play.

The impression of the kitchen can be changed by lowering the lamp below the table. Such a light source will show only the most beautiful and comfortable in the room - a table with a beautiful tablecloth. Even if the lamp here is only one and hangs in the center of the ceiling, this is easy to fix: change the native suspension to a long wire and fix it in the right place on the ceiling so that the lamp itself is exactly in the center of the dining area.

Anna Neklesa

interior designer

Do hosts prohibit re-sticking wallpaper? The most effective solution in such cases is to buy a lot of linen or cotton linen and hang them on the walls. Firstly, you will hide everything that is unpleasant for your eye, secondly, it’s easy to hang personal decor and photographs on textiles, and thirdly, this will radically change the atmosphere of the room. You can attach the material to both pins and gently pinning it to the upper baseboard. Do not forget to vacuum as necessary.

Of the acquisitions in a rented apartment that you can take with you, I would recommend a screen. For it you can hide what you don’t want to look at, but you can’t throw it away. And also on it you can broadcast clothes that you do not want to put in your wardrobe yet or plan to wear tomorrow. The second item is a chest - an atmospheric object in which a lot of things can be hidden.
The inconspicuous but strong part of our perception of space is aromas. Remember the feeling after a fresh wet cleaning, when not only the eye rejoices in the absence of dust, but the nose also smells a pleasant, light smell of a cleaning agent. With us, it is automatically associated with cleanliness. It is the same with the interior of the apartment: picking up a fragrance pleasant to you personally, you can make a temporary place of stay much more dear.

No to old photographs and paintings, yes to personal decor! I have a 15 cm Buddha copper head brought from Thailand. She helps me make every new place my stay soulful. This is a symbol thing. I highly recommend having at least one such facility. Good luck with moving and arranging. Remember that home is not a place, but a feeling.

Text: Svetlana Volina
Illustration: Nastya Yarovaya

Watch the video: Insights In Law: Landlord and Tenants legal Rights (November 2019).

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