Major Fall Purchases: Shoes

With the onset of autumn, we traditionally talk about the main events of the coming season: new films, books and albums. And at the same time we advise how to equip the house and prepare for the cold. About outerwear for chilly days, we also spoke. In the new issue, we remember about off-season shoes - comfortable, pretty and waterproof. About all other ways to warm up and not get wet - in the next issue.

Sneakers and sneakers

Despite the fact that it comes to colds, for sneakers and a sneaker now just right. Moreover, it may turn out that a leather pair of Nike or adidas Originals will come in handy at the height of winter - sharp warming and snowless December in Moscow are not uncommon.

What to choose? Sneakers made of dense nubuck or smooth leather with thick soles: unlike suede, they are not afraid of reagents and puddles. Sneakers (for example, the moisture-resistant Vans Old Skool, which Paper magazine proclaims almost the main pair of 2016) will work for the next couple of weeks, but then it is better to replace them with indestructible Native or leather boots.


7 190 rubles


10 990 rubles


7 390 rubles


Chelsea is almost universal urban shoes. Waterproof (provided that you choose a model from smooth skin), but warm
(unlike rubber boots) boots are easy to fit into a casual wardrobe. The most comfortable and indestructible pair, as usual, is better to look for professional shoe brands. For example, Clarks or Vagabond. Do not forget about classics like Blundstone. Budget chelsea in the new season, as before, were launched by the mass market: Mango, Zara and even H&M.



6 thousand rubles


11 900 rubles


5 999 rubles


14 490 rubles



6 599 rubles

The Cossacks in the new season returned in the most delicate of possible options - these are not rough pointed boots with a wide top, but variations on the theme. For example, varnish ankle boots with beveled heels or high boots with an extended toe.

Everything is natural: such boots are easier to combine with your favorite pair of boyfriends or a narrow mini skirt, a dress with glimpses of Lurex and a cashmere sweater with embroidery.


9 thousand rubles

Isabel marant

30 thousand rubles

Dr. Martens

9 650 rubles


15 500 rubles

Classic shoes

Classic sturdy leather shoes with lacing wander from autumn to winter for more than a year. It is understandable - a correctly selected pair will become a reliable companion for a good ten years and will not fail either in the cold (warm insole plus a woolen sock) or in the heat.

There are few universal tips when choosing shoes: it is best that the model is made of genuine leather, not leatherette; neutral colors will almost certainly take root in any wardrobe, and careful care and regular cleaning will help keep the pair in its original form for as long as possible.


5 thousand rubles


8 999 rubles

Massimo dutti

15 990 rubles


The beginning of autumn is the best time for suede over the knee boots, which designers recommend to wear with almost everything in the new season. We don’t argue: a pair of small heels or flat soles will complement the usual combination of an A-line skirt and a large knit sweater. Of the undeniable advantages - the ability to wear over the knee boots with any outerwear, from a voluminous quilted bomber jacket to a cloak in the floor or coat-gown. Of the obvious disadvantages - all the same soiling (the main problem of suede) and the inability to resist the elements - in the rain it is better not to wear such shoes.


10 thousand rubles

cover: Zara

Watch the video: 2018 Major Shoe Regrets. GirlBossBeauty (November 2019).

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