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New Uniqlo x Ines de la Fressange collection in the Gallery and minus 20% on Farfetch




In an online hub for boutiques from all over the world, Farfetch announced a stock for most of the sale. By entering the x20Sept promotional code, you will get an additional 20% discount. The promotion applies to all sections: women, men and children.

Urban outfitters


Until September 9, the US Urban Outfitters website also runs an action: minus 30% for red goods (in fact they are the majority) sale goods - in the female and male sections, as well as in the "Home" section. Basically, these are, of course, summer things, but you can also find off-season ones.

New Collections

Uniqlo x Ines de la Fressange

Address: Ligovsky Prospect, 30a (Mall "Gallery")


The tenth joint collection of Uniqlo and Frenchwoman Ines de la Fressange will appear in the "Gallery" during September. These are women's and children's clothing lines inspired by the Montmartre of the 1920s. The main fabrics of the collection: tweed, melton, cashmere and velvet. The cost of things in the women's collection is from 999 rubles for mittens to 12,999 rubles for a coat; children's - from 1499 rubles for trousers to 5999 rubles for a jacket.


Addresses:Krasnogvardeiskaya sq., 3rd (Design Center ArtPlay, fourth floor, office E4-115); nab. Moika River, 73 (Au Pont Rouge); st. Mayakovsky, 11 (Total Look)


The St. Petersburg women's clothing brand Belka - one of the most interesting among the new ones - has released a new autumn-winter collection: it is called "Screen Tests", an atmospheric lookbook shot in the Vyborg Aalto Library, you can see here. According to the authors, the collection is "inspired by characters from 70s movies." For the first time, the brand has outerwear - a classic cocoon coat (24 990 rubles) and a jacket-jacket (19 980 rubles). The collection can already be viewed in the Belka online store.



The Irkutsk brand of mischievous women’s clothing has released an autumn-winter collection: it has a lot of pure juicy colors and playful solutions (turtlenecks with hoods or ruffles in a sports suit). Separately, we pay attention to the dress in the cell that is relevant this season (5050 rubles) and polo color block (4380 rubles).

St. Friday socks


Brand St. Friday gained unprecedented pace: only a week ago she released the first collection of children's socks, and here is another novelty: a collection of home clothes with the symbols of St. Petersburg (from smelt to people sunbathing on the beach of Petropavlovka). The collection includes men's briefs (690-790 rubles) and women's briefs (690 rubles), T-shirts (1590 rubles), long sleeves (1990 rubles), hoodies (3990 rubles) and more. You can buy a collection on the website (by the way, some sizes of underpants are already sold out, but a new batch will appear soon).

Cover: uniqlo

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