Art group "Evil", Peter Zwick and Jofi Barabash at a large exhibition of young art in Yekaterinburg

In mid-November, the young Ekaterinburg gallery "Alvitr" celebrated its first year of work by gathering its main artists at the portfolio portfolio exhibition. Most of them work with the genre of painting - gallery owners explain the phenomenon of renewed interest in painting around the world. She, an actual painting, combines figurative and abstraction, explores new media and is puzzled by the issue of present and future images. Along with Marina, Alvitre Life around talks about the most interesting works at the exhibition, which will last until the end of November. In total, 27 works are participating in the Basic Staff.

Exhibition "Basic Staff"

November 19-30

Alvitr gallery

IC "Architect", 3rd floor

Posted by: Жофи Барабаш

Title: "Fragile Relations"

Hungarian artist Jofi Barabash works in the genre of abstraction. Her work is a combination of textures and light, color and shapes. “I don’t need real figures to tell stories,” says Barabash. The exhibition features urban landscapes that convey not the exact view of a place, but an understanding of urban life as such. Sharp, regular, monumental geometric figures are buildings around which the life of people is marked: small and invisible, but giving the work dynamics.

Posted by Peter Zwick

Title "Hulk vs Iron Man"

Peter Zwick is an artist from Slovakia experimenting with new materials in the picture. The grid for him is a symbol of the virtualization of human space, the immersion of our consciousness in artificial, non-existent images that prevent us from seeing the existing reality. She - reality - is given by the lower layer, which overlooks the bright Hulk and Iron Man. Thus, combining abstraction and subject painting, Peter Zwick explores the visual memory of modern man.

Author: Art group "Evil"

Title: "Everything goes according to plan"

At the exhibition, the art group "Evil" is represented by paintings - nevertheless, these are real street artists who go all the way in their art. "Evil" create works on the street and represent them through the media and in gallery spaces. The work “Everything goes according to plan” is an irony on modern Russian society, but at the same time, playing with street art through poster painting. In fact, this work can only be considered picturesque nominally. The main thing in it is the sharpness and power of the utterance.

Posted by: Ivan Plusch

Title: "These are People 3"

Ivan Ivy works in the style of flowing - in his paintings there is always an element that flows, the character of the picture, disappearing from the landscape, depicted mechanically and scrupulously. The European square in the painting "These are People-3" - scenery that does not change over time. People, on the contrary, are a kind of sea, a substance of different colors, spilled over an area. All of them are devoid of individuality: it is a crowd of tourists that appears and disappears.

Author: Alexander Bazhenov

Title: Untitled

Alexander Bazhenov depicts bodies without physicality: all his characters look like people, but at the same time they are only slightly indicated by a set of separate elements. In the mechanistic world, according to the artist, it makes no sense to draw individual details of the human body: there is too much information, it becomes outdated too quickly, and therefore art must also be fast.

Author: Sergey Akramov

Title: "From the series" Moments ""

A street artist from Yekaterinburg recently began to explore the space of the canvas. In order to maintain his connection with the street in his works, he brings to the paintings the aesthetics of torn street ads that can be seen at almost every entrance. Figurative motifs in the series "Moments" are born after the creation of an abstract layer in which the artist introduces recognizable objects. Paying tribute to street technicians, Sergey works not only with a brush, but also with an aerosol.

Author: Alexander Dashevsky

Title: "Pavilion"

Alexander Dashevsky explores urban spaces and a person living inside an altered urban world. Created artificially, this world is constantly striving to disintegrate and only through the efforts of people remains in an immutable state. The pavilion is both a real building and an allegory for people's constant hopes for a better future.

Posted by: Leonid Rotar

Title: "Zero Time"

Leonid Rotar is a Moscow artist who has already entered the history of contemporary Russian art. He creates a painting that can exist only after Malevich’s Black Square, but inscribes characters into it, as if fleeing from paintings of Soviet realism, denying Suprematism and abstract painting as such. Leonid Rotar's works are a new Russian realism, a picturesque face of modernity.

Author: Nikita Shokhov

Title "Diaries"

Shown at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art this spring, the Nikita Shakhov’s video installation The Diaries refers to Naum Medov’s recollections of World War II, but conveys them with the plastics of contemporary art and modern man. The individual phrases that sound in it are more likely an emotional experience of existential danger in the rear than patriotic descriptions of military operations. They make the video both piercing and interesting at the same time.

Watch the video: Neeraj kk Art Group Aghori Ka Maha Cornset 2018 (February 2020).

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