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The OA Safe Series, Salman Rushdie Tales and Nine Inch Nails Mini Album

What to watch

The oa

Netflix Season 1

Creators: Batmangledge Hall, Brit Marling

Cast: Brit Marling, Emory Cohen, Scott Wilson, Alice Craige

New Netflix sensation. The company intentionally did not prepare the audience for the premiere and released a trailer for the show some three days before the release of all episodes on the site. The main character, Prairie Johnson, is declared in her hometown, where she disappeared as a child: in seven years of absence, she was healed of blindness, got mysterious scars and a new name OA. While the FBI and Prairie's adoptive parents cannot get intelligible answers from her, she devotes her new friends - four schoolchildren and their teacher - to an amazing story of her adventures. The co-author of the series and the leading role is Brit Marling, a famous screenwriter and actress of American independent cinema.

"Time of death"

Time of death

The 2013 documentary series just acquired by Amediateka tells of eight terminally ill people who have been living in the last weeks, their relatives and friends. The authors of a bold project raise an uncomfortable, but necessary question: how to talk and behave with a loved one who knows that he does not have much time left?

Showtime Season 1

Creators: Cynthia Childs, Dan Catfort, Audrey George


"Past the target"

Hit & miss

Another novelty "Amediateki" - the British series in 2012 with a whimsical plot. Chloe Sevigny plays a transgender woman named Mia, who works as a hit man. One day, the heroine finds out that she has an 11-year-old son, whom she has as a biological father. Mia has to take care of the boy, because his mother is sick and is near death, but she cannot leave the job of a killer and is forced to combine paternity with contract killings.

BBC Season 1

Creator: Paul Abbott

Cast: Chloe Sevigny, Peter White, Jonas Armstrong

What to listen

Thomas Mraz - "Do Not Shake the Spear"


Almas Gataullin, similar to the representative of the ancient Greek intelligentsia, a curly Ufa man who prefers to release music under the pseudonym Thomas Mraz, released an amazing album "May 13" this spring, an example of how the new R&B should sound in Russian. On the album, it seemed that no one else did it here, either because of the intonations of the singer himself, or because of how he constructs his lyrics and deftly maneuvers between high style and the usual signs of modern hip-hop.

On the fresh EP “Do Not Shake the Spear”, whose demos merged on the Web a bit earlier than the officially postponed official release (rare for local music), Mraz casts listeners with tenacious lines like “I don’t want rain to pour from yours eye "and" I am lame and mischievous, I’m like Richard the Third, "the producers sample" The Ghost in the Shell ", and the singer is still deftly trying on a poet’s costume from the past, then boasting about hitmaking, or saying that recognition for it doesn’t matter.

Mraz, who works in the theater, tries to move away from the profession in his music, but it doesn’t work out very well: although the name is ironic over the famous playwright, it’s clear what passions in these tracks, and instead of an honest face the mask seems to be taking place. But in the latter, however, there is nothing wrong.

Nine Inch Nails - "Not the Actual Events"


A week ago, Trent Reznor, the unchallenged leader of Nine Inch Nails, announced that the band will release a new EP next Friday, fans should wait for the re-release of old vinyl albums, and Atticus Ross, a longtime co-author of the soundtrack musician, officially joined Reznor. If you believe the output of the album, the two of them wrote “Not the Actual Events”, which grew out of the idea of ​​the EP song, on which Reznor clearly returns to form: NIN here sound quite frightening and at the same time with an eye on pop music (like, actually, earlier). Nevertheless, I want to wait for a more complete statement from the group - despite the pluses, it still seems that all the songs here seem to lead to the last "Burning Bright (Field on Fire)".

Two new songs of Grouper

This year, the winter solstice excited the Russian Facebook users in earnest: the social network congratulated them on the first day of winter, which made many people perplexed. Whoever was not embarrassed was Liz Harris, who released quiet music under the pseudonym Grouper - an astronomical phenomenon and was dedicated to her new single, "Paradise Valley". Eight minutes of acoustic folk, where words barely burst through the music - more important than they initially appear. For the sunrise, these songs really fit perfectly - in most compositions Harris always had something natural, inclining to contemplation and pacification.

Christmas mixtape Сhance the Rapper and Jeremih

A favorite of music critics and the holder of the title “Most often mentioned in the headlines musician of the year”, rapper Chance writes spontaneous mixtapes from time to time with his friends - the last time he sat in the studio with freak prophet Lil Bee, now he took on his companions sweet-voiced singer Jeremy. "Merry Christmas Lil 'Mama" is both a dedication to Chicago's beloved city and a collection of Christmas hip-hop. There are a lot of references to old Christmas songs, and the general spirit of the holiday is well conveyed. Those for whom this will not be enough, it remains to advise Gucci Maine's Christmas album - that's who the carols work out well.

Adult Swim NOISE Collection


Two years ago, material on how to listen to noise, "a genre with a very high entry threshold," came out on a friendly site, FurFur. A new collection from the adult swim television channel has been called upon to lower this threshold. For many years now it has been supplying the strangest animated series and television shows to screens and monitors. This is not the first genre collection of adult swim, which has come to grips with music since the mid-zero: there was already a garage, metal and modern electronics. Here are both very young producers (for example, Sadaf) and titans of the genre: Merzbow, Yamatsuka Ai, Prurient and Wolf Eyes. The collection lasts almost two hours, but listening to it is quite exciting: it simultaneously shows both the variety of noise as a reception in music, and the whole (which is not equal to the full) picture of noise music at the moment. The main thing is not to be afraid of anything.

What to read

Salman Rushdy. "Two years, eight months and twenty-eight nights"


A collection of fairy tales - that is, what Salman Rushdy does best - came out in English a little over a year ago, in Russian it is quickly published in a wonderful translation of Lyubov Sum. This is a love story, and myths, and a collection of sayings in the spirit of Eastern philosophy, and a little imagination about tomorrow, preceded by a quote from "A Thousand and One Nights" (it was not necessary to have a five in algebra in school to solve the riddle of the name) and etching Goya "The dream of reason gives birth to monsters." In general, as always with Rushdie, the recipe for success is to mix East and West in proportions that are understandable to the reader. But not only that. Encountering the imaginary world and the real world, the present and the Arab philosopher Ibn Rushd, who lives in the 12th century AD e., he is trying to create a kind of spell from misfortune, be it human madness or divine punishment for him.

Anne Tyler. "Breathing lessons"


In 1989, the Anne Tyler novel received the Pulitzer Prize as the best fiction book - one of the author’s main things, which made observing human nature the main theme of her novels (and she has many novels). On the pages of Tyler ordinary people live ordinary lives - like Maggie, the heroine of this book, an elderly American, prone to irrepressible fantasies.

From the chronicle of several days she lived (together with her husband, Ira, Maggie goes to the funeral of her beloved friend's husband, escorts the youngest daughter to college and tries to save the eldest son's marriage), a whole little life is formed: we recognize the characters as relatives and readily fall in love with them in all their absurdity. This is a very simple and very strong prose, seemingly not eventful, but endowed with such a force of understanding and sympathy for the characters that nothing else is needed. It is especially recommended to read for those who are temporarily at odds with their own lives.

What to play

Nier Demo: Automata

Playstation 4

A rich demo of the future slasher studio Platinum Games. It takes place in the post-apocalyptic world of the Nier role-playing game, but plays more like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, another slasher from Platinum Games. A white-haired android girl named 2B in a velvet dress and with a blindfold spreads rusty robots in a large factory with a big sword. A third-person slasher from time to time turns into a bullet hell, and the camera sometimes shows the game from the side or from behind, which slightly changes the feeling of a battle. The demo is free, it takes an hour, but it has high levels of difficulty, at which 2B dies from any blow.

Demo Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

The new Resident Evil series will be released in a month. It will be a malleable horror in an abandoned estate and with a bunch of creepy rednecks. The protagonist of the game suffers from constant harassment, a critical shortage of first-aid kits and cartridges. This week, a one-level demo was released for Windows and Xbox One, which the PlayStation 4 owners completed back in September. On the level there is a terrible house in the suburbs, video from a hand-held camera, a "journey into the past" and several endings. The content from the demo version may be exclusive and will not appear in the game.

Gravity Rush 2 Demo

Playstation 4

One level from the continuation of a beautiful game about a girl controlling gravity. The same demo was shown at E3 and Tokyo Game Show, so we can assume that we are talking about this level. The second part develops the ideas of the original: the heroine Kat turns off gravity, flies over the city and hits enemies in colorful combos. Two more battle modes were added to zero gravity: in one, Kat gets heavier and harder, in the other it weighs almost nothing. There are two modes in the demo: for those who launch Gravity Rush for the first time, and for players who remember the previous part.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

In the third season of his zombie series, Telltale Games introduces a new hero. This is Javier, a former athlete who is trying to save himself, the wife of his brother and his two children. Unlike previous seasons, A New Frontier offers a look at the development of existing relationships, and not at the formation of new ones. The matured Clementine will return from past episodes, but you can’t play for her. The difficult decisions made in past seasons will affect the new story and the history of Clementine. So far, two episodes have been released, a total of five episodes are planned for the season.

Preview of Astroneer

Xbox One, Windows

The space sandbox, often called the correct No Man's Sky. Games have a lot in common: the astronauts of the future explore the generated planets, collect resources, build a base, save energy, conduct development, fight sandstorms, build cars and rockets, and then fly to another planet, where they repeat everything anew, but in different scenery and with other resources. Unlike No Man's Sky, the game has multiplayer for four players, in which they develop the base together. In the preliminary version of the game, there is not enough content and a serious challenge for the player.

Text: Anton Khitrov, Artem Makarsky, Lisa Birger, Nikolai Udintsev

Watch the video: fed an elephant, jumped off a bridge, photographed a world wonder (November 2019).

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