City Lectures: Where to go for new knowledge

Public lectures have become a popular leisure activity in Moscow. Life around chose places with the most interesting topics and speakers.

"Direct speech"

Intellectual and social club for adults and children

"Direct Speech" is a lecture hall with a seven-year history and a wide variety of topics from literature to physics. It is located near the Patriarch's Ponds and Mayakovskaya metro station. Famous people like publicist Dmitry Bykov and biologist Ilya Kolmanovsky are performing here. People come here for classes for children and adults, literary and social events, games and master classes. Here they learn English, dissect popular series from a historical point of view, write "Total Dictation", watch solo performances by Alexander Filippenko, understand the laws of chemistry and teach to provide first aid. Tickets for events cost from 1,000 rubles and are sold out quickly.

Moscow Center for Video Game Research

Deconstruction of video games for those who want to truly understand them as a cultural phenomenon

Video games can be studied like cinema, music, theater and literature. This is exactly what they are doing at the Moscow Center for the Study of Video Games on the basis of the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University. Center employees periodically arrange public lectures at various Moscow venues - you can follow the announcements on the VKontakte social network page. Video games as gnostic media, as well as the representation of video game revolutions and game journalism, are discussed at lectures.

Sync Platform

The necessary minimum of humanitarian and scientific knowledge in one lecture hall

The cultural platform "Synchronization" is a lecture hall with a wide range of topics from architecture to genetics. Here you can get basic knowledge so that visits to exhibitions, cinema, performances and concerts make more sense, and discussions about GMOs become clearer. Each lecture takes place several times at different times, so you can find a convenient option. Ticket price - 900 rubles.


Lectures on discussion topics

The InLiberty educational project regularly holds lectures and open interviews in which scientists, journalists and cultural figures participate. Political analyst Yekaterina Shulman, historian Andrei Zorin, architectural critic Grigory Revzin, American sociologist Harvey Molotch and science journalist Ronald Bailey visited InLiberty as lecturers. People come here to understand the complex issues of the past, present and future. Among the topics of discussion are terrorism, ethics, government, GMOs, feminism, unemployment, social reforms and much more. Admission is usually free, announcements must be monitored on the project website. In addition to lectures, InLiberty holds master classes, visiting schools and debates.

"The most important"

Lectures from people in the subject

The Russian Academy of National Economy has opened the lecture hall “Most Important”, where it invites lecturers with an impressive track record and reputation. For example, the historian, laureate of the Enlightener Alexander Meshcheryakov, deputy director of the Polytechnic Museum Ivan Bogantsev, writer Evgeny Vodolazkin, music journalist and presenter of the Silver Rain Lev Gankin and senior researcher at the Laboratory for Oriental Studies and Comparative Studies of the School of Actual Humanitarian Studies of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Aglaya Starostina spoke here.

Electrotheatre "Stanislavsky"

Lectures in the theater lobby

In the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre there is a lecture hall Vesna and the School of the modern spectator and listener, which give lectures not only about the theater, but also about other forms of modern art, as well as history and society. It also organizes meetings with writers, directors, artists and composers. Lectures are held in the lobby of the Electrotheatre, announcements are published on his website in the "Poster" section and social networks.

Gutenberg's Smoking Room

Sciencepop, understandable to humanities

Gutenberg’s Smoking Room is a non-profit educational movement developing, together with the Obrazovach project, a popular science lecture hall. Here they talk about Chinese writing, then about the solar system, as well as Shakespeare or the heroes of Marvel. The lecture hall has long been known among the Moscow public, and events under its auspices began to take place in other cities of Russia. The visit is free, you only need to follow the announcements in the social networks of "Smoking Rooms" and register on TimePad.

Cultural Center ZIL

Lecture hall in the cultural center near the Moscow River

ZIL Cultural Center is a lecture platform hosting a variety of projects. For example, here are some open lectures of the Higher School of Economics and Society "Memorial". The range of topics is very wide: theater, science, politics, cinema, architecture, history, branding, fashion and so on. As a rule, lectures are free, the schedule is always updated on the KC website.

HSE School of Design lecture hall

Visual art and design for everyone

The HSE School of Design is ready to teach not only its students: it conducts open, free lectures for everyone, where design and visual artists share their experiences and observations. The editor of The Art Newspaper Russia website and art historian Maria Semendyaeva, artist and researcher at the Garage Museum of Modern Art, Ilmira Bolotyan, have already performed in this lecture. Useful additional knowledge for designers, artists, art critics and all who sympathize with them.


Accessible about Complicated and Scientific

Invented by students of one of the best universities in Russia, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the scientific lecture hall FizTech.Chitalka helps disseminate knowledge about the exact sciences and technologies. Themes are diverse: aging, quantum systems, climate, big data, neural networks, immunity, and so on. The role of lecturers are young scientists. To get to Fizteh.Chitalka, you don’t have to go to Dolgoprudny - everything takes place in the Moscow building of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, not far from the Novokuznetskaya station or at other sites within the TTK.

MARCH architectural school

Lectures of architects about their work

The MARCH architectural school is another educational institution that organizes open lectures for everyone. The local lecturers are well-known architects who talk about working on projects, materials, research, and the arrangement of cities. It is useful not only for professionals, but also for everyone who wants to better understand Moscow disputes about demolition of buildings, successful and unsuccessful new-building projects and landscaping.

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