UNKLE concert, film about the Bolshoi Theater and Super Bowl

Where to go

UNKLE Concert

when: February 6, 20:00

Where: "Izvestia Hall"

cost: 3-6 thousand rubles

As recently as June, UNKLE, in its entirety, pleased Moscow fans at a small music festival. After the announcement, the fans could not believe for a long time that this was not just another DJ set, and the small space on Trekhgorka was packed to capacity, even despite the rain. It seems that James Lavell's cult project again wants to speak: the group plays full-fledged live shows right away in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Mujus Speech

Usually, Roman Litvinov plays in Moscow on major holidays, but recently he has often appeared in public. Together with him, Dima Ustinov, Andrei Algoritmik and several other Moscow DJs take part in a new episode of Plavay parties.

WHEN: February 5, 23:00

Where: Powerhouse

PRICE: 500 rubles

Monasterio Party

Another leisure option for those who cannot imagine Friday without techno. The headliner is the mysterious Berlin producer Redshape, who is constantly hiding behind a red mask, as well as Frenchman Antigone and DJ Laiva, a guest from the Finnish city of Kuhmo. Residents of the project are Andrei Fuji, Unbalance, Stef Mendesidis and Technorev, as well as Alex Meshkov and Chick Planet Massacre.

WHEN: February 5, 23:59

Where: "Designer"

PRICE: 500-800 rubles

Screening of the documentary film "Big Babylon"

In January 2013, the artistic director of the Bolshoi Theater and his former soloist Sergei Filin were attacked - an unknown person splashed acid in his face. In the wake of the accident, British documentary filmmaker Nick Reed and Mark Franchetti, correspondent for the British newspaper The Sunday Times in Russia, decided to tell the mass audience about the back of the legendary theater. In December last year, the tape was shown on HBO, and from this week it can be seen in Pioneer, the Central House of Artists and several other cinemas.

WHEN: February 6-7

Where: "Pioneer" and other cinemas

PRICE: 200-350 rubles

Exhibition "Louise Bourgeois. Structures of Being: Cells"

This weekend closes one of the most popular exhibitions of the season. The bourgeois, who has lived for almost a century, has absorbed all the main artistic movements of the 20th century - from surrealism to conceptualism - which eventually spilled out in the famous metal "Spiders" and "Cages". In Moscow, unlike Petersburg, where the bourgeois was exhibited at the beginning of the 2000s, the artist was shown for the first time and immediately with some unusual scope. So, one of the spiders - the key, nine-meter, called Maman - was installed directly in the open air, at the entrance to the museum.

WHEN: 11:00-22:00

WHEN: "Garage"

PRICE: 100-400 rubles

Exhibition "Tahir Salahov. The Sun at its Zenith"

Retrospective of a living classic, one of the creators and main masters of the "severe style" in Soviet art. Salakhov not only reformed official Soviet realism, but also organized the first Soviet exhibitions of Francis Bacon, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist and Gunter Ucker as Secretary of the Academy of Arts of the USSR. The exposition consists of more than 80 works by the artist, taken from the collections of museums in Russia and Azerbaijan, as well as private collections.

WHEN: 10:00-21:00 

Where: The engineering building of the Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane

PRICE: 150-300 rubles

Concert of the Russian National Orchestra

Before leaving for a month and a half tour dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the band, the Russian National Orchestra gives a concert in Moscow. On Saturday, the program includes the symphonic work of Richard Wagner's Siegfried Idyll and Symphony No. 5 by Gustav Mahler.

WHEN: February 6, 19:00

WHEN: Great Hall of the Conservatory

PRICE: 700-2 800 rubles

Ordinary History at the Gogol Center

Two performances of Kirill Serebrennikov based on Goncharov’s Ordinary History are given at the Gogol Center. The plot is familiar to many more by the school curriculum: the young nobleman Alexander Aduev comes to St. Petersburg from the province in the hope of becoming famous and finding love. Judging by how seamlessly the action of the novel fits into today's Moscow, history still does not lose its relevance.

WHEN: February 6.7, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

WHEN: Gogol Center

PRICE: from 2 thousand rubles

Lecture "Hermes: Visual Arts"

The fall lecture course of observer Ilektra Canestri with the loud title “Artifacts: Art in the History of Legendary Fashion Houses” caused such a stir that almost every lecture sold out tickets in the very first couple of hours. For those who could not hear about the role of conceptualism in the activities of fashion houses, the cycle is repeated in the space of DI Telegraph. On Sunday, they will figure out how the designers of the Hermes fashion house are inspired.

WHEN: February 7, 19:00

Where: DI Telegraph

PRICE: 500 rubles

What to watch

The series "Klim"


Following the frankly failed remake of the American television series Rodina, Russian television men decided to adapt the British detective Luther. In the domestic version, John Luther turned into Klim Roshchin, played by Konstantin Lavronenko. Klim has a “peculiarity” - before getting into the police, he studied the behavior of wolves in a pack, so now he uses the “bestial flair” in his work. So far, only two episodes have been released, but the other day the entire first season of the series appeared on torrents.

Internet series "Horace and Pete"


In August 2015, comedian Louis Si Kay announced that he was taking a break from working on the Louis sitcom to tackle other projects. And at the beginning of the week, the first episode of the Horace and Pete web series was unexpectedly released. Together with Louis, Steve Buscemi, Alan Alda and other artists are filming here. The action takes place in an Irish bar, where the characters talk about life over a glass of beer.

Russian and Soviet documentary films


The administrators of the Soviet-Russian Documentary Film Group on VKontakte launched a YouTube channel and posted more than 200 Soviet and post-Soviet documentaries there. All the tapes are combined into thematic playlists: VideoArt, Biology, Documentary 1990s, Documentary 2000s, Documentary USSR and Soviet Space.

Broadcast Superbowl


This weekend, the United States hosts the anniversary Super Bowl - the final match of the National Football League, which traditionally gathers millions of spectators on TV screens. In addition to the competition itself, the Super Bowl is famous for its spectacular performances by pop stars and the shows of new trailers of American blockbusters - they entertain spectators during breaks. If you look at the cup at home it seems boring, then in Moscow the match will be broadcast, for example, in the League Pap pub and at the Otkritie Arena stadium.

What to listen

Drake Summer sixteen


Along with the premiere of the track Summer Sixteen, Drake announced the release of the new album Views From The 6 - we will be able to listen to it in April. In the song, Drake boasts about the size of his pool (more than Kanye’s) and recalls Kendrick Lamar, who recently visited the White House.

Lisa's songs Coins


Following Irina Gorbacheva, social networks gave us a new Internet phenomenon - Monetochka. To the sound of the piano, 11-grader Lisa from Yekaterinburg sings songs about memes, Internet culture, Gosha Rubchinsky’s clothes and Russian art. As usual, its author will tell you better about the album.

PJ Harvey. The wheel


The new video of British singer PJ Harvey was shot during the singer’s trip to Kosovo: a flock of sheep, a man playing the clarinet, and policemen in protective gear. The first album in five years, The Hope Six Demolition Project is released on April 15, and in June the singer will become the headliner of the Moscow Ahmad Tea Music Festival.

What to read

Orhan Pamuk."My strange thoughts"


The new (just a year ago in Turkish) novel by Orhan Pamuk, for the sake of which the writer moved back to Istanbul, is a really important book. This is not the first time that Pamuk has used a literary plot to talk about the political situation in the country. But for the first time, the heroes of his novel were the Istanbul poor, the inhabitants of the shacks, and “strange thoughts” from the title swarm in the head of a street vendor, the main character and observer of the city’s life. Mevlute from the novel, a witness to the changes taking place in the city over the past fifty years, does not suspect one thing: as a result of all these events, he will become the main character in the country.

Jack Kerouac"Vanity of Duloise. Adventurous education 1935-1946"


The last novel by the head of the Beatnik era, written in 1968, but translated into Russian only now - Kerouac’s alter ego wanders around the United States, finding himself in New York bars, then in New England football fields, or in Columbia university classrooms.

Peter Weil, Alexander Genis

"Native speech. Lessons of fine literature"


A well-known “anti-textbook” in Russian literature appeared in Bookmate by the pen of an emigrant writer duet Peter Weil and Alexander Genis. 22 chapters devoted to Karamzin, Radishchev, Turgenev, Goncharov and Chekhov are quite able to revive interest in the classics both in children and their parents.

Diane Williams

Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine


41 very short story about everything in the world, created by the writer and editor-in-chief of the avant-garde storybook NOON. The collection is unlikely to be translated into Russian, so you can download the version for Kindle right now. In the original, it is worth reading also because of the ease and virtuosity of the Diane language, noted by critics.

Text: Katerina Firsova, Nastya Kurgan, Lisa Birger

Photos: cover - frame from the movie "Big Babylon", 1 - hurricanehank / shutterstock.com, 2 - frame from the series "Klim", 3 - Drake

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