"Circus" at the Russian Museum, Kodaline concert, second season of "Daredevils"

Life around restarts the classic section “Weekend Plans” - now along with important city events, we will talk here about new series, movies, books and music with which you can pass the weekend. It turns out a full-fledged entertainment guide in St. Petersburg: for those who plan to get out of the house, and for those who are used to not getting up from the couch.

Where to go

Francophone Film Festival

WHEN: March 17-23

WHERE: cinema center "Rodina"
(st.Karavannaya, 12)

PRICE: 250 rubles

Alexander Sokurov's Francophonie continues to be shown in St. Petersburg - the festival of French cinema was timed to coincide with this event: nine contemporary films produced by countries participating in the International Francophonie Organization in the original version with subtitles will be presented in Rodina during the week. On Friday they will show Eden about the boom of techno and house music in Paris (19:00), on Saturday - the tragicomedy of 2015 “Model Families” (17:00), and on Sunday - the African drama “Timbuktu” 2014 (17:00).

"Circus" in the Russian Museum

Another thematic exhibition of the Russian Museum: in the Benois Wing collected works, one way or another devoted to circus and circus art. From Kustodiev, Benoit and Sudeikin to Johanson, Shemyakin and Wojciechowski - harlequins, acrobats, strongmen and, to a much lesser extent, animals, outstanding domestic artists painted with originality and enthusiasm.

When: March 17 - June 9, 2016

Where: Benoit building (embankment of canal Griboedova, 2)

Cost: 450 rubles

Exhibition of Vladimir Shagin

K Gallery continues to consistently represent the artists of the Arefevsky Circle. Already there were Valentin Gromov, Sholom Schwartz and Richard Vasmi, this time exposing Vladimir Shagin (not to be confused with his son, Mitka, Dmitry Shagin). About ninety paintings and about a hundred drawings (many of which have never been exhibited before) are an important representative of Leningrad unofficial art. Like other artists of the "Order of the mendicant (or non-selling) painters", Shagin's paintings have a lot of Petersburg and everyday urban life: trams, squares, bridges, embankments, courtyards, small apartments.

WHEN: March 17 - April 17

WHERE: K Gallery (24 Fontanka River Embankment)

PRICE: Free admission

Organ festival in the church of St. Catherine

A soulful plan for the beginning and end of the weekend. The III International Organ Festival "Ahead of the Great Week" has been held on Vasilyevsky Island since last week. This Friday, the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Max Reger and Felix Novoveisky will be performed by organist Irina Klimina. And the festival will end on Sunday with Bach's masterpieces such as Prelude and Fugue in G Minor, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Prelude and Fugue in C Minor.

When: March 18, 19:30, and March 20, 16:00

Where: Church of St. Catherine (Bolshoy Avenue V.O., 1)

Cost: donation entry

Performance "Star Boy" with Dina Korzun

The St. Petersburg premiere of Dina Korzun’s solo performance based on the tale of Oscar Wilde: “A cruel boy befalls misfortune - one day he loses his strength and beauty. Only good deeds and remorse will help return the most valuable hero.” The idea of ​​Korzun to put a fairy tale on stage was supported by director Maxim Didenko. The music for the performance was written by Sholpan Sharbakova.

When: March 19 (20:00)

Where: Erarta (29th line of V.O., 2)

Cost: 1 000-2 500 rubles

"Vegan Fest"

Spring "Vegan Fest" in support of the Center for the Protection of Animal Rights "Vita", as usual, combines food, market, lectures and master classes. Among other things, the festival’s lecture hall will talk about the nutrition of vegan athletes, about separate gathering and forest fires (see the full lecture schedule here). The workshops will teach you how to cook vegan dishes, from simple to festive, do-it-yourself cosmetics and juggle.

When: 20th of March

Where: "Floors" (Ligovsky pr., 74)

Cost: Free admission

What to watch


Season 2 "Daredevils"


Netflix and Marvel continue their victorious march, releasing more
and more great comic book series. The second season of “Daredevil”, which last year just became the first sign of the invasion of superheroes on Netflix, promises to be even cooler. In the first season, viewers watched
for the fight of a blind lawyer, who at night restores order in the image of Daredevil, with criminal authority Kingpin. Now the Punisher will appear in the series. According to the comics, the Punisher is a cop who lost his whole family in a shootout, and therefore takes revenge, literally burning out crime from the streets.
So it seems that the new series will be even tougher than the previous ones.

4th season of "The Americans"


The spy thriller about Soviet intelligence assimilated in the United States is deprived of awards and ratings, but still causes only delight. The ending of the previous season also introduced a new conflict
to the “Americans” family cell, which is why many are waiting for the spring premiere
impatiently. The main theme of the season, apparently, will be the relationship of spies with their own child, who learns the terrible truth about the origin of the parents. Maybe even this approach will allow the series to grab Emmy abruptly than for a better guest role.

Season 1 Damien


Going just after the "Bates Motel" is the continuation of another legendary thriller - "Omen". In the new series, Damien is the grown-up shell of the Antichrist, which seems to feel the approach of the Apocalypse, and seems to continue to work as a photographer (though, probably, ordinary photographers also feel the invasion of hell on Earth). Interestingly, the creators of the series decided to focus on the original film of 1976, having forgotten about all its sequels (especially the 2006 remake), and even included several flashbacks from the film in the series.

What to listen

The Last Shadow Puppets "Aviation"


On the eve of the first since 2008 album of side project by Alex Turner
and Miles Kane duet continues to release new videos. Less than a week after the first video, as the background of the hit of musicians followed
in the sand to the very throat.

Is Tropical "Black Anything"


For the past year and a half, Is Tropical British have occasionally released two songs on mini-discs. Now all ten tracks are finally compiled
into the full album "Black Anything". The record turned out to be much calmer and even romantic - from the new rave with which the band started five years ago, there was no trace left.

Baauer "Aa"


Four years after the release of the hit "Harlem Shake", American producer Harry Rodriguez, aka Baauer, released his debut album. There is no beat-up track on the disc, but there are joint songs with Pusha T, M.I.A. and a bunch of other artists.

Lust of Youth "Compassion"


What will be the new album Lust for Youth, it was clear back in January, when the group showed four new tracks at once from eight. In a nutshell, the Swedish-Danish trio did not betray themselves and recorded another disc of the melancholy synth-pop.



OQJAV is a romantic trio consisting of a list of "Both Two" Katya Pavlova, Vadim Korolev and half of the synth-pop duo La Vto-rnik Daniil Shaikhi-nurova. Their second album included as many as 13 soulful songs about everything in the world. The musicians also experimented with sound, so that, for example, free jazz elements are present in the new material.

What to read

Kazuo Ishiguro "Buried Giant"


Legend has it that Kazuo Ishiguro's wife, Lorna, looking at the drafts of The Buried Giant, told her husband that nothing good could come of this book. He postponed the novel, but still returned to it almost ten years later. And I must say that many agree with Lorna - this is not the most successful text of Ishiguro: a prolonged parable, the action of which is inspired by legends
about the knights of the Round king and transferred to Britain from the time of these legends. Only the heroic world here is quite battered and crumbles from old age. For the first time, Ishiguro writes not about the state of a private person, but about the chaos of the world in general - to be honest, it’s interesting to even see how he didn’t succeed.

Anthony Dorr "Wall of Remembrance"


Storybook of American writer Anthony Dorr. In 2014, he received the Pulitzer Prize for the novel "The Whole World Unseen for Us", after which he decided to take a break from his large form and wrote seven stories about the eternal problems, nature and place of man in this world.

Joseph Roth "Vienna"


If you have never read Joseph Roth’s March of Radetzky, then come back when you read. In the end, it is already obvious that Roth’s books on the last days of Austria-Hungary are not just among the ten main texts of the last century. Although the empire described by Roth is sinking right before his eyes, his books are surprisingly modern: they are always in place when it seems to us that the last days are coming. “Vienna” is a collection of Vienna reports 1919-1920, reports from the city, where even city chimes beat at their discretion, showing us not the newly arrived hour, but the time of general discord.

"Daredevil". Volume 3


For those to whom the new season of “Daredevil” will not be enough, the third collection of issues of the comic book of the same name has appeared in the Chuk and Gik store. In it, Daredevil, together with Spider-Man, is trying to end the world crime hunt for himself.

Bonus: Bot "Filibusts" in Telegram


Blocked last summer, the online library "Flibusta" is now available in the form of a Telegram bot that sends users books directly
to the phone. You can send the name of the book or author to the bot, and in response it will send a list of the found and will give you the opportunity to choose one of three formats: fb2, epub or mobi.

PHOTOS:cover - Russian Museum, 1 - frame from the film "Timbuktu", 2 - frame from the series "Daredevil", 3 - The Last Shadow Puppets

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