How much do programmers get

According to a recent survey by Superjob, 64% of Russians consider the profession of a programmer prestigious. Moreover, women especially respect them (70% of respondents said this versus 50% of men). One of the main arguments is "a very profitable profession ...".

The IT workers themselves also do not complain about life: 78% of them do not regret their chosen specialty and would choose it again if there was a chance. At the same time, talk that the value of programmers is somewhat exaggerated and that they are paid an unacceptably high amount has been going on for more than a year. Life around found out how much Moscow employers are actually willing to pay to IT specialists in various fields, what a typical portrait of a job applicant is and how many are unemployed among them.


How much do the bosses get

IT Director

Average salary for a vacancy

205 000 rubles

Applicant Age

39 years


3.4 years

At the time of the search did not have a job

30 %


average salary


Applicant Age

(years old)


(years old)

At the time of the search
didn't have a job

Head of Development

 168 000




Lead developer 1C

134 000




Lead Java Developer

138 000




Lead PHP Developer

 121 000




Lead C ++ Developer

 107 000




Flash developer

 81 000




IOS Developer

 102 000




Android Developer

 98 000




Release engineer

 110 000




Infographics: Natalya Osipova
A source: Superjob

Watch the video: How much money programmers make? (November 2019).

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