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I work in the former Romodanovsky train station

In the section "Where do you work" we talk about the iconic non-residential buildings of Nizhny Novgorod. In this issue - the former Romodanovsky railway station at Kazan Square, 1.

Life around went inside to find out how the station turned into a modern and high-tech factory and how people work in a centenary building next to the Oka and the metro bridge.

"Romodanovsky station"

Build Date: 1904 year

Architect: unknown

Station area after reconstruction:
about four thousand square meters

Authors of the reconstruction project: architects
V.V. Zubkov, L.A. Zubkova, A.K. Bubnova, S.Yu. Lyubimov
I.E. Kropyvyansk

Number of employees of NovaCard JSC:
more than 450 people


In 1896, Nizhny Novgorod hosted a large-scale event - the All-Russian Industrial and Art Exhibition. By this moment, the Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod railway has been operating for several decades, but it was during this period that the idea of ​​a new railway was born, which would connect Nizhny with the south of the region, Mordovia and the Middle Volga.

It was decided to design the road along the right bank of the Oka River, and to build the station building next door to the Degtyarev and Bashkirov flour mills on Chernigovskaya Street. Here hotels, apartment buildings are located, trade is being conducted, and on the quays, ships are huddling together.

The construction of the road itself turns out to be a difficult task for designers: landslides and landslides occur every now and then. In order to avoid further damage, a network of tunnels is created (in this way groundwater could be controlled), steep slopes are cut, retaining walls appear in dangerous places. The movement of trains on the section from Myza to Nizhny Novgorod for the first time is carried out only in the daytime at a very low speed.

Inside the building there are ticket offices, several waiting rooms and a buffet. Near the station building appears the largest parking of cabmen. Passenger traffic is constantly growing, and after the revolution, new directions and long-distance trains appear - for example, to Kharkov. The station was actively used during the Great Patriotic War, but in 1961 a railway crossing across the Oka appeared, a year later the electrification of the Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod railway ended. Passenger trains on it begin to go faster, and long-distance trains gradually leave the Romodanovsky station, it acquires the status of "country". Later, in the part of the station premises, the institute for students of railway workers is located.

In February 1974, large landslides took place in the city, the railway bed was so damaged that its restoration was considered inappropriate. The building ceases to function as a station, and after five years the branch of the institute leaves it. Until the 90s, the building housed units of the Gorky Railway, and when they move out, the building of the former station remains completely abandoned.

The square in front of the Romodanovsky station. Waiting for the arrival of the train. The beginning of the XX century View from the railroad track View of the railway tracks of the Romodanovskaya railway Dispatch of the sanitary detachment to the Manchurian Front, 1904

How is the building arranged now

The building was purchased in 2001 by NovaCard and restored according to photographs and drawings. For their work, the authors of the reconstruction of the station were awarded a bronze diploma of the XIII International Festival "Architecture 2005", held in Moscow.

The building of the Romodanovsky station in 2001 The building during the restoration

A high-tech company is now operating within the walls of the architectural monument. Inside the former station - office space and a real factory. It produces smart cards: banking, transport, SIM-cards, develop modern payment solutions. The building has a powerful security system, for example, access to the card production and personalization zones is carried out through a special gateway with biometric authentication, throughout the entire video camera and almost every door is equipped with an electronic identification system.

Natalia Voronova

HR Director

The international payment systems Visa International and MasterCard International have very strict security requirements, and in order to receive certification, NovaCard needed to find a suitable place for production. We considered different sites in the city, one of such sites was just the building of the Romodanovsky railway station. When we first arrived here, devastation reigned here: there was no roof, doors, only walls in some places and partitions. The grass grew above human growth, a broken brick lay, it was just a skeleton, a rather depressing sight. In the district - nothing, no residential buildings and infrastructure. And Chernigovskaya street at that time looked sad. But then, what we saw, in terms of the area and the entrances to the building, was what we needed. We had where to turn and develop. The director also has childhood memories associated with this building. Not far from the station, his grandfather lived; in childhood, he and his friends watched unhurried trains, swam here in the Oka and fished.

The reconstruction took more than two years, it was not just construction work, the building was recreated from a few drawings and photographs down to the last detail: windows, lights, lawns. When the international inspectors arrived, everything was amazing for them. At that time, our country was still treated with prejudice. Nobody believed that in Russia, in Nizhny Novgorod, modern production can be organized, and even in the building of a dilapidated station. We are the first company to receive certification from Visa and MasterCard at the same time. And the NovaCard building was called the most beautiful factory in Europe.

It is curious when we bought the building that the building address was: Chernigovskaya 29. And when we rummaged through the archives, we found out that the address was historically: Kazan Square, 1. By the way, our director lived here for a while. At any time, he could come to production and ask how he was doing.

There is a version that if the company had not bought the building, then perhaps it would have been demolished during the construction of the metro bridge. The design of the bridge appeared earlier, and the road had to go differently.

How does it work here


on sales and administration of the bank card department

I have been working here for almost ten years. I remember the first day I came here, to the NovaCard gate. I am interested in the history of my hometown, so I was very curious about what was inside, outside the walls of this building. The company at first looked like a spaceship. All these doors with sensors, enhanced security system, high technology. But the office itself was completely modern. This was unexpected. We have spacious rooms, air conditioning, our own dining room. I have a sense of pride that I work here. The company implements large projects, and all this happens in a building with such a history. It has its own aura, its own atmosphere.

I live on the other side of the river, in the lower part of the city. I get every morning an hour and a half. Spending so much time on the road is already a habit. I have a slightly biased schedule: I work from eight in the morning until five in the evening. This is convenient because I communicate with the regions that are located east. For some, it’s uncomfortable that the public transport stop is far away, but when the weather is nice, you can walk along the promenade after work. And in general, when you walk, there is such silence.

If you look at photographs of the past, Chernigovskaya Street at the beginning of the 20th century was completely different. On the one hand, I want it to be reconstructed. And on the other - now there is no crowding. Nearby there is a hotel, guests of the company sometimes stop at it, it is convenient. It turned out a good neighborhood. There is no feeling that the building is more than a hundred years old.


IT specialist

I have been working since the end of September, that is, less than a year. When I got a job, I was still studying at the radio faculty at Lobachevsky University. The burden of studying was already small, and from work they allowed me to go to school, and in winter I received a diploma. At NovaCard, I am engaged in data personalization systems. In general, I learned about the company from a friend, and in the summer I walked and saw this building is beautiful. Then I did not know that this was a former station.

I get to work in ten minutes, I live on Sennaya Square and drive by eight in the morning. We cannot be late, everything is controlled. It is very convenient that there is parking: do not think where to park the car. And you can do it on foot or on a bike. There is also parking for them.

Our company is large, everyone greets and almost all communicate with you, support, help. It's even nice to linger, for example, if we have testing or implementation.

I myself work in a new building, it’s spacious with us. Sometimes you hear how the subway travels if the windows are open, but it does not bother. I go to the building of the former station for lunch. We have our own dining room, where it is quite cheap and they cook deliciously.


production employee

I work only six months. He used to be a sales representative, and when difficulties began with work, he got a job here. For me, production is a new direction, but they taught me everything here, they showed everything, they gave me a mentor for several months. I presented everything in a different way, I had some stereotypes of my own about the plant. And here it is warm, dry, fresh, and in general there is no feeling that you are at the factory. I also thought that older people work here, and our team is young, it was not difficult to join.

It seems to me that people who come here for a walk and take a picture do not suspect that a plant can be located in such a building. I work on a schedule, sometimes I take extra shifts. Usually I have two day shifts, two days off and two night shifts. At night, in principle, it’s not hard to work, even somehow calmer, and time flies faster. There are no nerves, and I know exactly what time I will be free.

During working hours, I try to go out only for lunch, especially since I need to monitor the equipment and check the quality of the products. We do not have such that everyone goes to smoke on a schedule. Basically, if you want, you can go outside for a breath or go for a second dinner. In the dining room, even cash is not needed - all on the cards. Then they simply deduct from the salary how much you spent.

Sometimes there is vanity at work, if the order is urgent, but in general everything is measured, and there are ear plugs from the noise. Everyone knows his job.



This year will be ten years since I was in the company. Came a very young girl. I had an interview, but not with the future boss, but with the deputy. I was told that they would call back. I've been on my nerves all week. I live in Nizhny all my life, but this building did not attract any special attention of mine, and after the interview I realized that I really want to work here. It is clear that the atmosphere inside is office, but when you walk through the hall, you feel some notes of that time.

In general, you quickly get used to this building and the river in the neighborhood. You tell anyone that we walk along the promenade in the afternoon, everyone envies, they say: you breathe fresh air there, and we suffocate in the upper part. But we women would like to go shopping too and have a tasty meal. And if you are without a personal car, you have to go on foot to the bus along Chernihiv. But this is always the case: what others have is not enough. In general, the embankment is captivating, of course. If you go deeper, there is generally a forest, you can even walk barefoot on the grass after office shoes. At our place, some departments gather at the weekend for families and go out to picnics near the office.

I live on Sort, but in a private car I get in half an hour or forty minutes. In general, the location does not complicate life, after the metro bridge was built, old buildings were removed around and in general they began to ennoble everything. We have good noise isolation, no train noise is heard, and I live in Sorting, I’m used to it already. Moreover, here our production equipment is noisy, you get used to it too. We usually turn on the radio.

When you listen to reports about the building or when the director tells how it all began, shows a photo, then you think about globality. And so - from the inside this is an ordinary office. There is no feeling that the building is one hundred years old. And, in principle, this does not affect the work.

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