Theater festivals, "Petson and Findus Workshop" and a lecture at the zoo

Festival of chamber theaters "Karabas"

Age: 2-10 years

When: March 23 - April 1, 09: 00-19: 00

Where: look at the site


The sixth festival of independent theaters for children, which will feature the favorite chamber performances of Martin Does Not Cry, The City of Clown Peak and The Kitchen Detective, starts on March 23 and runs through April 1. The festival has several venues: the Russian State Children's Library, Fanny's Bell House, the Sreda creative center and others - the venues are indicated on the poster. Tickets for premieres have already been sold out, but you can still get to many good performances.

Cartoon "Prey" in "October"

Age: 12+

When: March 23, 19: 30-21: 00; March 24, 15: 00-16: 30

Where: st. New Arbat, 24


As part of the Irish Culture Festival, which is currently taking place in Moscow, in October, a cartoon will be shown - the nominee for the 2018 Oscar of the animation studio Cartoon Saloon, the authors of Songs of the Sea and Secrets of Kells Abbey. "The Miner" is a story about an Afghan girl who, in order to support her family, has to dress as a boy.

Performance "Elven Tales" in "Mother's Garden"


Age: 3-8 years old

When: March 24, 11: 00-11: 50

Where: st. Carriage Row, 3

In an exciting performance of "Elven Tales", the organizers combined a miniature performance about elves, princes and dragons and a master class in which children make their own fairy-tale forest: paint trees, water and flowers and fill them with different sounds.

Francophonie Festival in "Foreigner"

Age: 10+

When: March 24, 12: 00-20: 00

Where: st. Nikoloyamskaya 1


On Saturday, the "Foreigner" will host a large festival for lovers of the French language. The festival program includes educational lectures, theater performances, open French lessons, master classes for adults and children, musicians, meetings with writers, bookcrossing and much more.

Lecture "Language of movements" at the Moscow Zoo

Age: 6-12 years old

When: March 24, 12: 00-13: 00 and 14: 00-15: 00

Where: st. Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 1


At the lecture, they will tell the children why the dog and the cat wag their tail, how to understand that the animal is afraid or happy, and how the animals communicate with each other through movements and postures. In addition to interesting facts (why, for example, deer butt trees with horns or how bees dance), children will be given homework - to compile a "cat-human" dictionary.

The play "Elephant Horton" in the theater "Practice"

Age: 4+

When: March 24, 12: 00-13: 00 and 14: 00-15: 00

Where: Bolshoi Kozikhinsky per., 30


A good one-man show about an African elephant that hatched eggs in a bird’s nest, based on the book "Tales of the Elephant Horton" by American poet Dr. Seuss, one of the most popular modern English-speaking writers.

Baby play "Who lives in a box?" in the museum "Tsaritsyno"

Age: 2-6 years

When: March 24, 17: 00-17: 45

Where: st. Dolskaya, 1


A touching play in every sense for the smallest from the Kukusya project, telling about the adventures of the protagonist Botinochka, who is looking for a mate in a boxed city.

Children's Theater Festival in Ethnomir

Age: 3+

When: March 24 and 25, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Where: Kaluga region, Borovsky district, der. Petrovo


The festival program: street and puppet theater, theatrical productions and master classes, which will be conducted by actors and singers. Among the participants - "Parsley Theater", "Paradise" and the pantomime theater. For children, the organizers prepared master classes in the decoration of the theater mask and shadow theater, as well as training in acting.

A fragment of the play "Tales of robots about a real person" in the library named after Dostoevsky

Age: 6+

When: March 25, 18: 00-18: 50

Where: Chistoprudny Blvd., 23/8


Within the framework of the Golden Mask festival, the Trickster Theater will show a fragment of a performance created based on the works of science fiction writer Stanislav Lem. The performance takes place in a fictional pseudo-medieval universe in which robots are used instead of humans.

"Petson and Findus Workshops" in the "Animation Workshop"

Age: 4+

When: on Sundays from March 25, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Perevedenovsky per., 18, p. 3


The next Sunday, March 25, the Petson and Findus Workshops from the Great Cartoon Festival project will be launched in the Animation Workshop. There will be several workshops: a sewing, carpentry, pottery and gardener's workshop, where you can grow your own little garden. In between classes, which will be held every Sunday until April 15, tea drinking and watching cartoons.

"Wild Ancestors" in the Children's Pioneer Lecture Hall

Age: 6+

When: March 25, 11: 30-14: 00

Where: Kutuzovsky Prospect, 21


The new work of Briton Nick Park, author of “Wallace and Gromit” and “Shaun the Sheep” - this time about football. Comment on the cartoon will be Sergey Merinov, director and animator. And after the children’s show, they will have a treat from the Peony cafe and a dance master class.

Watch the video: Using Social Media for Theater Festivals (November 2019).

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