Omnivore Food Festival: Alex Zhiliuk prepares potato pancakes with black caviar and lamb ballotin

In May, Moscow hosted the second time the Omnivore gastronomic festival, which was attended by chefs from Russia, France, Belgium, Riga and Italy. Life around talked with each of the participants and wrote down recipes from their workshops. In today's article, recipes by Alex Zhiliuk from the fish restaurant Le Dome, from the third day of the festival.

Alex Zhilyuk

City:Riga, LatviaA restaurant: fish restaurant Le DomeKitchen: eclectic and modern Latvian, using local products.Features: Alex was born in Liepaja, entered the culinary college there, but after a year of training he moved to Riga, where he got a job at the famous Vinsent restaurant and studied art at the local star Martins Ritins. In Vinsent, Alex grew up in six years as the chief chef, at the same time he trained in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon. Le Dome prepares both traditional Latvian cuisine and international dishes.

“The idea of ​​my kitchen is natural products and long-forgotten recipes in a modern way. My restaurant specializes in fish, so the menu is always in season. This is generally a slogan of modern cuisine - the closer to nature, the better. Every product has a taste, and this if earlier it was interesting to make jelly from carrots so that this carrot tastes like beets, now, on the contrary, you need to discover the natural taste. And here the technique comes into play - the second important aspect of modern cuisine, it is necessary to enhance nat -sectoral flavor without the use of chemistry. "

Le dome - This is a fish restaurant at the Dome Hotel & SPA. Alex Zhilyuk has been working here as a chef since 2009.

Potato pancakes with black caviar,quail eggs and traditional side dish

Servings: 15 ⎪ Complexity:averageTime for preparing: 35 minutes


1 kg of potatoes200 g flour4 eggsSalt and pepper
The main
15 quail eggs2 lemons120 g (4 pcs) shallots50 g capers50 g of seasonal herbs (parsley, dill)
25 g black caviarWatercressBlack pepper



Rub the potatoes on a coarse grater, drive 4 eggs in there, stir in the flour, add salt, pepper, mix well. Form pancakes and fry on both sides in a heated pan with the addition of olive oil until golden crisp.

It is better to use the Idaho potato variety to make the pancakes especially crispy.


Cook quail eggs in boiling salted water for 2 minutes 50 seconds, cool in ice water.

I use quail eggs because they do not contain cholesterol and are suitable in size for this dish. They must be cooled in ice water, so that the protein sets, and the yolk remains liquid.


Chop the shallots into small cubes, cut the lemon into small slices, finely chop the capers and herbs.

These components will be used when serving the dish.


Put chopped greens, capers on potato pancakes, on top - half a quail egg and a little black caviar. Before serving, sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper and garnish with watercress.

All the ingredients of the dish emphasize the taste of the Russian traditional product, black caviar, but give the caviar a new, Baltic sound.

Ball of lamb with Velut sauce,chanterelles, thyme and asparagus

Servings:15 ⎪ Complexity:averageTime for preparing: 60 minutes


The main
2 kg rack of lamb1.5 kg of potatoes400 g of chanterelles1 kg asparagus250 g butter1 kg of carrots50 g capers50 g of seasonal herbs (parsley, dill, watercress)
Velout sauce
200 ml light port500 ml cream 35% fat500 g shallotsSalt and pepper
Meat marinade
A few branches of thymeOlive oilSalt and pepper




Separate the lamb from the bones, marinate with thyme, olive oil, salt, pepper. Put the pickled lamb on a cling film, twist and shape the ballotin. Leave in the refrigerator for 1.5-2 hours, then remove the film.

I specially wrap the meat with a film to fix the desired shape.


Fry the lamb on all sides in a well-heated pan in a mixture of olive and butter. Remove the meat and cook the velout sauce in the remaining liquid.

Butter gives the meat a delicate flavor.


Cut 150 g of shallots, fry it until golden in the same pan where the lamb was fried. Add light port and evaporate to 2/3. Add cream and boil to a thick consistency, salt and pepper. Rub the finished sauce through a fine sieve.

I use light port so that the sauce retains a light shade.


Melt the butter and fry the remaining shallots, add the chanterelles, carrots, potatoes and bring to full readiness - they should become soft and fry. Separately, fry the asparagus in butter for 2 minutes.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and put the lamb there for 7-8 minutes.

For lamb, an average medium is considered to be optimal.


Mix capers and herbs, chop finely, add salt and a little lemon juice.


Put a side dish of potatoes and chanterelles, next to the ballotin, cut into medallions, and asparagus. Put chopped greens with capers between the side dish and ballotin. Heat the velout sauce and pour them with ballotin and a plate so as not to fill the side dish. Garnish with thyme sprigs.

Omnivore food festival - A culinary festival for talented chefs who love experimentation. It has been held since 2005 in the French Deauville, and since 2009 in New York. This year the festival has become international. A distinctive feature of Omnivore is the choice of participants - mainly experienced chefs who create "young gastronomy" and experiment without regard to generally accepted canons.

Photos: Olya Eichenbaum

Watch the video: Omnivore World Tour Festival Paris 2014 (April 2020).

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