They didn’t wait: Have Moscow restaurants become empty due to the crisis?

The network is full of completely different messages on what is happening with restaurants right now. Some "experts" predict the near closure of almost half of the places we know. Others take old-fashioned selfies from new-opening parties. Still others complain about the impossibility to reserve a table in a favorite restaurant for at least the next two weeks. To understand what was going on here, we took up the phone and, in general order, tried to book the simplest table for two in 15 different places of an unappealing price category. Everyone called between 16 and 17 hours to make a reservation at 21:00.

Molon lave

"It’s better to reserve a table in a couple of days. It’s rare when you can book in a couple of hours. Today you are already the fifth person in the queue, we can put you on the waiting list and call you back if there are free places."

"Cast Iron Bridge"

"You can. You can always book with us in a couple of hours, but usually the calls start at noon. You called in advance, so there are no problems. You can also come without a reservation, but about 95% of the tables will be busy at 21:00."


“It happens that we don’t have seats, but you are lucky. Next to us is another restaurant - everyone even thinks that we have one owner. There is no reservation, so everyone thinks that we don’t have it either. I can, if you want, you’ll even be seated by the window. In general, it’s better to call ahead of time. "


“I can record you today one hour later, at 22:00, but this is also not accurate. We have a turn here, so we will contact you and call you back. People booked tables a week ago for tonight, and so, if if you want to call well in advance, it’s better to do it in three or four days, we always have.

"Shop" Shop

"Come! There are days when a full house, but usually on the weekend, and even then not always, to be honest. You called in advance, so there are places."

"House 12"

"You can. Today is surprisingly free, although tables on Friday are usually booked from Thursday. For the future, I advise you to call in the morning if you want to book a table for the evening."


"I apologize, but today the restaurant is closed for a special event, so we are waiting for you at another time. I want to warn you, it’s better to make an appointment a few days before arrival or to come and look after the fact."

"Orange 3"

"You can. We have a full landing on Friday and at the weekend, so it's best to book a table for the day. There are some restaurants where people book for the week, but we don’t have one."

The box

"It is possible. If it’s Friday and Thursday, it’s better to call early, now you’re lucky - there are tables. We rarely take reservations for two people, book a table for four people, and if a large company - six to ten people, then book at the beginning weeks. "

Brasserie belge 0.33

"Now we will not be able to reserve a table for you. If you want, come, we will see what is in fact. We usually finish making reservations at 15:00 on the day you want to visit us. If you have a big company, it’s better to book per week, because there are a lot of people on weekends. "


"It is possible. Although generally it happens with us differently. We try to plant a day a day, the restaurant is rather big. If you want to come with a big company, it’s better to book one week, and if you have more than eight people, we take 10% of the order "


"Unfortunately, there are no seats tonight, we can add you to the queue. Next time, call in advance, in the middle or at the beginning of the week, so that we can book you a table for the weekend."

Buro canteen

"It is possible. Our booking usually takes place every day. It happens, of course, that all tables are booked on Friday, but not so often. Sometimes it happens that the restaurant hosts closed events and guests have already booked a table in advance. In such cases, we usually we warn the guests in advance. If you need a table for a large company, you can also call on the same day, but preferably in the morning. "


"It’s impossible. Unfortunately, all the seats for today were taken for another week. In order not to lie to you, people booked a table on Saturday from Tuesday. We have a full house on weekends. It happens that there is some kind of free table in the evening, but rarely. "there are a lot of people on the waiting list, but we’re unlikely to call anyone today, as everyone has already confirmed their reservation."


"It is possible. The situation with the reservation is actually unpredictable. It may be empty, but after 20 minutes there will be no empty seats. We will find a table for you, now we will have companies for 9-11 people, but at 21:00 there is just one small table, you're in luck. "

Eventually there were no empty seats when ordering in five hours in six out of fifteen restaurants. As a rule, the reply to our correspondent indicated that there would be even less chance of ordering a table for a large company, from four people. In several places it was recommended to call with an order for a week or more. Obviously, the increase in the price tag and the drop in foreign exchange earnings do not stop our compatriots from the habit of meeting and spending time in restaurants.

Text: Roman Firsozovsky

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