Where, when and how to pick mushrooms

In the midst of the mushroom season, when the Instagram feed is filled with photos of mushrooms, it's hard to resist a trip to the forest on the weekend. With the help of an expert - a member of the St. Petersburg Mycological Society and amateur mushroomer Mila Kalinina - Life around figured out when and where to go for mushrooms and what to look for there.

Mila Kalinina

member of St. Petersburg
mycological society

The 2014 season is really mushroom enough, but not extremely. Mushrooms grow confidently throughout the region, there are enough mushroom pickers, everyone is happy. Perhaps the mycelium began to work actively due to a sharp change in weather - the three-week heat and drought changed dramatically to cool weather and rains. In different years, the mushroom season lasts for different times. In the classic version, this is September, as well as the end of August and the beginning of October. We have to collect what is growing at the moment. For example, already in the middle of July you can find families of chanterelles, by the middle of August, boletus boletus, boletus boletus begin to appear, by the end - porcini mushrooms and boletus, and a variety of mushrooms, traps and other saltines end the season.

Where to collect

Perhaps the most popular region among mushroom pickers is the Vyborg region, which is famous for its burs and boletus. But he is also the most visited - since the easiest way to get there. Luga, Tikhvin and Lodeinopolsky districts are also rich in pine forests, but they are not visited so much because of their greater remoteness from the city, although there are many mushrooms, and you can meet unexpectedly many mushroom pickers. In Kingisepp district and not far from Gatchina, an excellent harvest of camelina can grow.

Mushroom places are most often transmitted "by inheritance" or by friendship. If there are no fans of quiet hunting among relatives and acquaintances, then you can, having arrived by car, get up to where the cars are already standing. Most often, a cluster of cars is observed at the most mushroom places. If you are traveling by train - accordingly, go out with most passengers. If instead of mushrooms in the forest there are only cuts, then you do not need to run away from them. On the contrary, it is worth walking around and searching nearby, remembering this place.

What to collect

If you do not go into mycological wilds, then all the mushrooms can be divided into three large groups - tubular, lamellar and spines. Accordingly, in the first group, on the back of the tube head, in the second, there are plates, in the third, spines.


Edible boletus, boletus, porcini mushroom, boletus, boletus, butterflies are good edible mushrooms. There is also a bitter bile fungus, similar to either white or boletus. A reliable way not to make a mistake is to just touch the tongue of the tubes, if it is bitter, immediately throw it away (bitterness does not disappear during heat treatment).


These are chanterelles, honey mushrooms, russula, bitter, saffron milk mushrooms, milkwort, white and black breasts, greenfinch.


Mushrooms with small spikes on hats.
They should not be collected at all.

What to bring

Firstly, you need to properly dress in the forest - a hat, a long sleeve jacket, rubber boots or trekking boots. The ideal option is lightweight membrane clothing. You need to bring a charged mobile phone, a basket, a knife, a bottle of water and sandwiches with you. You can install the Maverick program on your smartphone - then do not get lost.

The most important rule for any, even the most experienced mushroom picker: "Do not know - do not collect." Especially it relates to agaric mushrooms, among which there are deadly poisonous species - for example, white grebe. Also, do not collect entomols - mushrooms that scare away their vile appearance. Among mushroom reference books are good books by Lydia Garibova, Mauri Korhonen. There is an excellent atlas "Mushrooms of the Leningrad Region" with photos of our local mushrooms.

Photo: Oleksiy Shargorodsky, Dmitry Marochko, Ilya Tatarnikov, Tatiana Bulyonkova, Sergei Vavinov

Watch the video: Golden Teacher mushrooms, first flush harvest 1st time growing a kit (April 2020).

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