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Where is on Myasnitskaya street

After last year’s reconstruction, Myasnitskaya Street has become an attractive place for strolling citizens, while coffee houses and restaurants have more space for verandas. Life around visited one of the main restaurant streets of the capital a year after the start of the renovation and tells where you can eat and have a good time.

Double b

address: Milyutinsky per., 3

Phone: +7 (968) 750-99-61

Average check: 350 rubles

One of the first Double B coffee houses, located at the very beginning of Milyutinsky Lane. Inside there are a couple of tables and a wide windowsill, which can be located in the summer when the windows are wide open. Coffee, as in other coffee houses of the network, is brewed in an espresso machine and in alternative ways: there is a hario and an aeropress. They sell black coffee for 150 rubles, with milk for 250 rubles, and author's coffee drinks for 350 rubles. You can also order a tea kettle and simple pastries: bagels with filling or cookies.

What to order:

Rough Grapefruit-Rosemary - 350 rubles

Latte Sage - 350 rubles

Big cappuccino - 250 rubles

"Wai Mae!"

address: Myasnitskaya St., 11

Phone: +7 (495) 798-97-67

Average score: 500 rubles

The Georgian eatery, which opened on Myasnitskaya in May, became the fourth network establishment in Moscow. The menu is the same as in the rest of the Wai Me! Cafes: there are about 50 dishes, among which there are fried and steam khinkali, cradle on sticks, trout on a skewer, chicken stew, chicken mackerel veal, mutton gupta, lamb shawarma - Tbilisi, kvari, lobio and fried suluguni. From nine in the morning until noon at Wai Me! can have breakfast. They are fed with naduq syrniki with homemade yogurt, jam or honey, omelette, fried suluguni with jam or honey and nuts, yogurt, as well as khachapuri - in Mingrelian and Adjarian.

What to order:

Adjarian Khachapuri - 220 rubles

Achma with yogurt - 140 rubles

Fried Khinkali - 180 rubles for 4 pieces

Krispy kreme

ADDRESS: Myasnitskaya St., 13/3

Phone: +7 (495) 625-14-96

Average check: 500 rubles

Spacious donut maker of the American network Krispy Kreme, existing since 1937, is located in the middle of Myasnitskaya. Moscow Krispy Kreme has 16 kinds of donuts. There are three main types: classic donuts (rings), round donuts with filling and donuts made from yeast-free dough. Tastings at the fillings are: chocolate, apple, raspberry, strawberry, caramel, cheesecake, roasting and custard. Occasionally festive tastes appear - for example, for the New Year or February 23. By the way, "Grilyazh" was invented specifically for Russia: Krispy Kreme proposes to each country that enters the market to develop its own taste, close to local consumers. Novikov Group decided that it should be nuts and a creamy filling with condensed milk.

What to order:

Strawberry Glaze Ring - 90 rubles

A dozen original rings - 525 rubles

Milkshake bubble gum - 250 rubles


address: Myasnitskaya St., 13/3

Phone: +7 (929) 577-73-77

Average check: 600 rubles

The institution of the St. Petersburg network Marketplace opened on Myasnitskaya in early May 2016. Here you can have a quick bite to eat, have a hearty dinner, or sit down with a laptop for a long time (according to the owners, no one will bother you). The menu includes fresh salads, Italian pasta, wok dishes, meat and fish, grilled on a lava grill, and dishes baked in a wood-burning oven, from brand chef Alexander Kurenkov (Jack & Chan and "Mao" restaurants).

What to order:

Morning burger with benedict egg, soft cheese and salmon - 229 rubles

Pork loin - 279 rubles

Penne with soft cheese and spinach - 199 rubles

Strawberry Ginger Smoothie - 145 rubles

Coffee with rosemary and orange zest - 125 rubles


ADDRESS: Crooked lane, 3/1

Phone: +7 (495) 621-21-43

Average check: 800 rubles

Cafe Filial from the owners of the legendary "Propaganda" and "People as People" opened in 2009 and quickly found its audience. Two small halls, an open kitchen and a DJ in an improvised "attic" come here not only for tasty and simple food, but also for the atmosphere. Like other cafes of the Propaganda family, Filial is famous for affordable prices. It is not surprising that during lunch, which can be bought for just 320 rubles, there is no crowding here.

What to order:

Turkey Schnitzel - 430 rubles

Baked salmon with vegetables in oyster sauce - 530 rubles

Sandwich with baked turkey and brie - 350 rubles

Tiramisu - 250 rubles

Cocoa - 140 rubles

Ramen club

ADDRESS: Crooked lane, 3/1

Phone: +7 (926) 048-51-71

Average check: 700 rubles

Small noodle house in Krivokolenny Lane, located door to door with Filial Cafe. There are several tables in the cafe, self-service, "Totoro" is shown on a flat screen, Japanese music plays from the speakers. The menu contains ramen noodles with various ingredients (chicken, pork, shrimp dumplings, crab meat, ground beef); gyoza with pork, chicken and shrimp; onigiri with chicken, tuna and eel; kimchi and sandwiches with fillings like teriyaki chicken, mashed potatoes in ginger sauce and breaded cod or salmon.

What to order:

Miso Ramen - 280 rubles

Kare raisu (rice with curry sauce, fried vegetables) - 250 rubles

Ebi gyoza (fried dumplings with shrimp and vegetables) - 200 rubles

Babetta cafe

address: Myasnitskaya St., 15

Phone: +7 (964) 643-87-02

Average check: 800 rubles

The concept of cafe Babetta was invented and implemented by co-owner of Ginza Project Dmitry Sergeev. At the entrance to the institution - refrigerators with ready-made takeaway food, a counter with vegetables and fruits, a mixture of juices. Next - a salad bar and an omelet bar, where you can choose any ingredients and mix in the right proportion. The next part is a spacious hall, which serves both Italian pizza from the oven, and Russian dishes - borscht, dumplings, vinaigrette.

What to order:

Salad with chickpea cutlets with tabule sauce, yogurt and bulgur - 349 rubles

Borsch - 249 rubles

Pizza Margherita - 249 rubles

Ring with cottage cheese "Like in childhood" - 99 rubles

Prime star

ADDRESS: Myasnitskaya St., 17/1

Phone: +7 (495) 664-23-63

Average check: 400 rubles

The Prime network, part of the Novikov Group, has existed since 2007. Cafe adheres to the concept of fast casual, that is, "fast and high-quality" food for people who lead an active lifestyle and care about their health. Here you can find sandwiches, salads, soups, pasta, desserts and much more. Any dish can be eaten at the restaurant or asked to pack with you.

What to order:

Baguette "Chicken and grapes" - 159 rubles

Kamchatka salmon sushi roll - 189 rubles

Bagel with salmon in cream sauce - 199 rubles

Lemon Cupcake - 89 rubles

Pizzeria "Alice pizza"

ADDRESS: Myasnitskaya St., 18

Phone: +7 (495) 545-42-52

Average check: 250 rubles

A network pizzeria (the second restaurant opened this winter at Novoslobodskaya), where all pizza is cooked on square baking sheets. At the same time, visitors can determine the portion size (minimum - 100 grams). Pizza recipes for Moscow establishments were created by the founder of the network, Domenico Giovannini, who is also the chef of the entire network in Italy and Moscow. The menu includes pizza with potatoes and rosemary, spicy pizza with eggplant, pizza with ham and mozzarella, salmon, zucchini and mozzarella, as well as sweet pizza with Nutella.

What to order:

Pizza with bresola and arugula - 135 rubles per 100 grams

Pizza with tomatoes and olives - 75 rubles per 100 grams

Pizza with bacon and gorgonzola - 115 rubles per 100 grams

Surf coffee

address: Myasnitskaya St., 16

Phone: +7 (965) 213-15-20

Average check - 200 rubles

The second Surf Coffee coffee shop in Moscow, which was opened by a team of more than 200 people, is located opposite the HSE building. The interior was invented and made by ourselves. The result is a mix of California and Hawaii: on the wall are the letters Impossible, which, thanks to the flickering lights, turn into I'm possible; surfs and old photos. The menu includes espresso-based drinks made from beans from Costa Rica. They offer both classics (espresso, americano, flat white) and coffee house experiments. Of food, desserts from the St. Petersburg project Brave Goodies are interesting, for example, brownies with cherries and bacon or a cupcake with Guiness beer.

What to order:

Double Hawaiian - 199 rubles

Puerto Rican Rough - 199 rubles

Latte "Teahupu" - 189 rubles

Cold coffee "Maurice Bumble" - 189 rubles

Vegan brownies with mint, cranberries and chocolate - 189 rubles

"Culinary shop of the Karavaev brothers"

ADDRESS:Myasnitskaya St., 18/1

Phone: +7 (495) 621-77-93

Average check: 500 rubles

Another place for those in a hurry, but do not want to eat low-quality fast food. The Karavaevs on Myasnitskaya from the restaurant group Ilovecafe (Pasta and Basta restaurant, League of pops and Izya Grill bar-restaurant) differ from other establishments of the network: a spacious room with large windows, unusual chandeliers, tables interspersed with marble and asceticism in the color scheme of design.

What to order:

Salad "Tomatoes with mozzarella" - 85 rubles (100 grams)

Buter with turkey and egg - 150 rubles

Chicken BBQ - 100 rubles (100 grams)

Almond cream croissant - 130 rubles

Eclair "Vanilla" - 55 rubles

John Jolie

ADDRESS: Myasnitskaya St., 24/7

Phone: +7 (495) 730-10-13

Average check: 900 rubles

The "Generous Soul of the Caucasus" can be found in the restaurant "John Jolie". It was opened by the restaurant group Restaurant traditions (Pesto Cafe, Okidoki, Mama Tao). Among the many flower pots and curtains, Caucasian dishes are served: khachapuri, kutaba, dolma, khinkali, kebab and kebabs. There is also a full-fledged children's menu.

What to order:

Veal kebab - 370 rubles

Adjarian Khachapuri - 380 rubles

Fried Suluguni with Fresh Tomatoes - 360 rubles

Chocolate Box Dessert - 280 rubles

Lemon Lemonade - 550 rubles (1 liter)

Plasticine cafe "Dido"

ADDRESS: Myasnitskaya St., 24

Phone: +7 (926) 209-92-74

Average check: 700 rubles

The strangest place on Myasnitskaya is the plasticine cafe Didu. It is worth going here not so much for gastronomic delights as for mood. There is so much clay in the cafe that you can feel inside Soviet plasticine cartoons. On weekdays, “Didu” works as a democratic cafe about Moscow food, and on weekends it turns into a club with sets of Moscow DJs.

What to order:

Tortilla Chips - 188 rubles

Buckwheat sandwich with herb-baked chicken - 448 rubles

Risotto Four Cheeses - 398 rubles

Strudel with pear, mint and cinnamon - 248 rubles

Mapl Lemomad (maple syrup, orange, lemon, rosemary, soda) - 258 rubles

"Odessa Mama"

ADDRESS: Crooked lane., 10/5

Phone: +7 (964) 647-11-10

Average check: 1,000 rubles

Cafe with Odessa cuisine "Odessa-Mama", speaking generally, was opened by the owners of the restaurant chain "Khachapuri". The menu contains typical Odessa dishes of homemade Jewish cuisine: stuffed chicken, home-made sausage, mackerel with onions, mullet, light-salted tulka, navy pasta, potato pancakes and mincemeat. Prices are at the Khachapuri level, that is, low. Of the obvious pluses - all the same patio that the institution shares with the neighboring Khachapuri, a spacious summer terrace and kitchen, which will equally appeal to both adults and children.

What to order:

Lard with garlic and pepper - 280 rubles

"Forshmak in our way" - 280 rubles

Lazy Dumplings - 290 rubles

Roasted gobies - 390 rubles

Cafe "Khachapuri"

ADDRESS: Crooked lane., 10/5

Phone: +7 (985) 764-98-58

Average check: 800 rubles

One of the establishments of a restaurant chain with Georgian cuisine is located in a quiet Krivokolenny lane. The main advantage is an impromptu patio with tables on the street and a full-fledged playground, so it’s convenient to come here even with the smallest guests. The main menu has a dozen khachapuri, khinkali, traditional snacks like phali and lobio, as well as barbecue (from turkey, veal, pork, lamb or lamb). There is a full-fledged children's menu. The highlight of the program is Tolik sheep, which is loved by both adults and children.

What to order:

Khachapuri in Batumi - 290 rubles

Fresh vegetable salad with Kakheti oil - 390 rubles

Chkmeruli chicken in garlic sauce - 490 rubles

Lemonade "Tarragon" - 130 rubles

"Daily bread"

ADDRESS: Bank lane 24/7

Phone: +7 (495) 105-97-01

Average check: 700 rubles

A network bakery cafe where you can have a bite on the go or schedule a morning meeting with a girlfriend. Until 12 noon (and from seven o’clock in the morning, which is important!), Daily Bread serves breakfast: cereals and egg dishes, Croc Madame sandwiches, cheesecakes and pancakes, granola and a classic American breakfast. From 12 to 16 hours on weekdays, a lunch menu. The rest of the time, you can order fresh pastries, salads, hot dishes at the bakery, or grab coffee with you.

What to order:

Salad with tuna - 450 rubles

Eclairs - from 145 rubles

Croissant - 95 rubles

Latte - 215 rubles

"Big cafe of Art. Lebedev Studio"

address: Bank lane., 5

Phone:+7 (495) 624-74-73

Average check: 600 rubles

The "Big cafe of Artemy Lebedev Studio" also works in Bankovsky Lane. The name speaks for itself: in the institution there are two spacious halls on the ground floor plus the basement, where there is a kitchen and a store with funny books and gizmos. They prepare mainly Russian and Jewish cuisine. Of the advantages - a small veranda where you can sit with coffee and relax from the hustle and bustle.

What to order:

Forshmak - 290 rubles

Borsch with sour cream and garlic croutons - 320 rubles

Little jacket potatoes - 190 rubles

Trout baked in an envelope with potatoes, olives, cherry tomatoes and aromatic herbs - 690 rubles

American coffee - 150 rubles

Watch the video: Old Moscow. Perlov Tea House in a Chinese style on Myasnitskaya Street (February 2020).

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