New location: Paul Cafe and Bakery

On Tverskaya 23/12, the first Paul cafe was opened in Moscow. The general franchise of the French chain with a hundred and twenty-year history was bought by the Ginza Project restaurant holding, whose immediate plans are to open four more Paul cafes in Moscow and two in St. Petersburg. The first “Pole” has a small hall for 35 people, a bakery, a pastry shop and a kitchen. The next cafe should open within a month on Smolenskaya Square. The hall for visitors will be larger in it, but there will be no bakery - they plan to deliver bread several times a day from Tverskaya.

Recognizable black and white tiles, wooden furniture, painted in warm shades of the wall and rows of delicious desserts, pastries and bread - Moscow Paul turned out to be quite believable. And the ownership of the Ginza network in Russia is only beneficial for the place - the school for the staff works well at the holding, at Paul everyone walks along the line, smiles broadly and can persuade even the most gloomy-looking visitor to take dessert. As for bread, pastries, food and their prices - everything is controlled by the French office of the network. Flour, sourdough and other ingredients are brought from France, but everything is kneaded and baked on the spot. Moreover, only the glass wall separates the bakery area in the cafe from the hall for visitors - so the whole process of making bread can theoretically be observed live. Part of the kitchen in Paul is also open, it goes into the area with the cash register and display cases, which creates the feeling of a crowded hive - there are almost more visitors in the signature white robes in the cafe.

Positioning itself as a bakery, Paul nevertheless is equally a cafe. In addition to bread, croissants, fruit tartlets, eclairs, puffs and pies, Paul's menu has a lot of food suitable for a full dinner: sandwiches (fourteen pieces, if you count several options of Croque-Monsieur), salads (two Caesars, Peasants) , "Alpine" and salad with green beans and salmon - all are quite simple, but very fresh), soups (onion, pumpkin cream soup, mushrooms and chicken noodles), Royal pizza, several quiche and salted crepes, potato biscuits (with bacon, with raclette cheese and smoked salmon), Carbonara, beef stroganoff with potato m mash, steak, salmon steak and even a burger.


Confectionery and Bakery Development Director Paul
“Paul's bakeries and pastry chains have been operating for over 120 years and they have more than 600 cafes around the world. This is a certain quality mark, and we are very pleased to represent the chain in Russia. We work on a franchise, so French control is very high.
Most of the products and, of course, we bring flour from France. Equipment is also coordinated, interior, menu. All our chefs, pastry chefs and bakers underwent training in France as well. Our chef is a Frenchman. As for the dishes, there is some difference. In each country, Paul customizes the menu a bit for the local audience. For example, at first we made only three soups - chicken with noodles, cream soup with mushrooms and pumpkin, but then we risked adding traditional French onion soup and now it has become the most popular among guests. "

Pumpkin cream soup - 230 rublesSandwich with jerky ham - 220 rublesVegetable quiche - 200 rublesTartlet with raspberries - 200 rublesVanilla Eclair - 110 rublesAnglez cake with apricot - 130 rublesNorman flan - 170 rubles


  • Alpine salad - 350 rubles
  • Peasant salad - 250 rubles
  • Caesar with chicken - 250 rubles
  • Caesar with tiger prawns - 290 rubles
  • Hamburger - 190 rubles
  • Potato biscuits with Raclette cheese - 250 rubles
  • Beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes - 460 rubles
  • Carbonara pasta with chicken - 350 rubles
  • Baked entrecote - 650 rubles
  • Salmon steak on a spinach backing - 470 rubles
  • Sandwich with ham and cheese - 180 rubles
  • Sandwich with tomatoes and mozzarella - 170 rubles
  • Sandwich Parisienne - 170 rubles
  • Onion soup with crouton and cheese - 230 rubles
  • Tartin Berry - 270 rubles
  • Croissant - 80 rubles
  • Puff with chocolate - 85 rubles
  • Snail with raisins - 85 rubles
  • Almond croissant - 95 rubles
  • Viennese bun with chocolate - 65 rubles
  • Chosson with an apple - 95 rubles
  • Vendee bun with sugar - 85 rubles
  • Kanele - 80 rubles
  • Chocolate donut - 80 rubles
  • Lemon tartlet - 155 rubles
  • Lemon tartlet with meringue - 180 rubles
  • Tartlet with chocolate - 120 rubles
  • Millefeuille classic - 200 rubles
  • Chocolate cake - 120 rubles
  • Homemade lemon cake - 120 rubles
  • Classic flan - 150 rubles
  • Cappuccino - 150 rubles
  • Hot chocolate - 170 rubles
  • Hot milk - 40 rubles
  • Freshly squeezed juices (orange, grapefruit, apple and carrot) - 150 rubles
Patisserie and Bakery PaulTverskaya, 23/12+7 (495) 560 49 94Works: Mon - Fri from 8:00 to 23:00, Sat - sun. from 10:00 to
Photos: Olya Eichenbaum

Watch the video: Paul Bakery Restaurant Paul Boulangerie Patisserie Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE (November 2019).

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