New Location: Jerome Restaurant

In June, Jerome restaurant, one of the projects of Aram Mnatsakanov, head of Probka Family, closed for more than a month. The institution completely updated the interior, and made the menu less conservative.

Now Jerome, according to the owners, is aimed at a younger audience. In this regard, prices for certain items were reduced: a branded burger, for example, costs 450 rubles instead of the previous 530. Of the old items on the menu, only hits like Kiev patties, Ukrainian borsch and pizza are preserved. The section with pasta and risotto was completely abolished, only ravioli with ricotta and spinach were left. Of the new products - the section "Junk food" with a shawarma, fish & chips and falafel burger, meze snacks served with tortillas, as well as mussels in three versions - in white wine, tomato sauce and Asian style. Due to irregular deliveries, you can try the latter not every day.

The Jerome bar card was made easier by getting rid of overly expensive wines. On average, a bottle will cost one and a half thousand. An even more democratic option is home-made wine from France in liter decanters. Only one type of red and one white is poured into the glasses. In addition, ten cocktails and Belgian beer appeared - it is he who is advised to order with mussels.

The interior renovation was carried out by a young Petersburg architect Maxim Languev: prim furniture disappeared, but a bright red leather sofa appeared, and the walls were decorated with images of animals. In one of the halls they set up an open showcase where they will exhibit pastries prepared here. The chef of the restaurant, as before, is Jerome Laurier, after whom the place is named.

Aram Mnatsakanov

founder of Probka Family

The new Jerome is a gastronomic bar where an excellent chef prepares simple food. Concept: a club for their - young, cheerful employees of Probka Family. At the same time, the club is not closed to outsiders. Chef Jerome Laurier is an indefatigable professional and a brave experimenter. A native of Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France, owning all the techniques of classical French cuisine, he builds a non-classical, new kitchen on the basis of his native tradition. Leaving not only towards Russia and Italy, but also further. In the updated Jerome, along with standards such as ravioli with ricotta and spinach or beef stroganoff, you will find borsch, and Olivier salad, and the provocative section of Junk Food: shawarma, fish-n-chips, branded super burger and Vegetarian burger with falafel - all in the original author's performance. The fact that everyone loves at the highest level.

Branded meze for two - 490 rubles Shawarma with chicken - 350 rublesBalinese fresh spring roll with shrimp and chicken - 160 rublesCocktail "Pushkin teeny" - 290 rublesAperol Sprits cocktail - 299 rublesCocktail "Cuban diver" - 350 rubles

Excerpts from the menu

French lettuce salad
dressing for two
290 rubles

Balinese fresh spring roll
with prawns and chicken
160 rubles

Ukrainian borsch
250 rubles

Mussels in white wine
490 rubles per 500 g

Ricotta with Ricotta and Spinach
230 rubles

Chicken Kiev with mashed potatoes
450 rubles

Beef Steak with Green Pepper Sauce
690 rubles

Branded meze (tapas)
290 rubles for one

Chicken Shawarma
350 rubles

Vegetarian Hamburger with Falafel
350 rubles

Beer Bourgonge des Flandres
180 rubles

Cider Ginger Horse
140 rubles / 300 ml

Wine "Trevo. Vinho Verde"
230 rubles / 125 ml

Wine "Portas de Lisboa"
230 rubles / 125 ml

Cranberry juice
90 rubles / 250 ml

140 rubles

Restaurant Jerome

Bolshaya Morskaya St., 25

Mon-Wed: 09.00-00.00

Thu. - Fri. 09.00-02.00

Sat: 10.00-02.00

Sun: 10.00 - 00.00

Tel .: (812) 314-64-43

Photos: Egor Rogalev

Watch the video: GGV: Vice, Donny, and Jerome visit Nash Aguas' restaurant (February 2020).

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