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13 new cafes, bars and restaurants in May



Address: Aptekarskaya nab., 8

Working hours: 12:00-00:00

Phone: +7 (812) 775-10-00

Average check: 2 500 rubles

Perhaps the most expensive Chinese restaurant in St. Petersburg, which opened in the Lukoil mansion on Aptekarskaya Embankment and is imprisoned for negotiations, gala meetings and receptions. In addition to the main hall with 79 seats, there is a large banquet hall and two VIP rooms for private meetings. Sketches of the restaurant’s interiors were created personally by Wang Linan, president of the Hua Ren international holding company, which also owns the popular Nihao Chinese restaurant chain.

Who discovered: The Nihao team worked on the project: there are two chefs in the restaurant. Gao Chaoyang ("Nihao") is responsible for the Chinese direction, Zholt Plesinger (Solo Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky, Dans le Noir) - for the European.

What to order: The restaurant menu consists of two sections - Chinese and European. The first presents dishes of Shandong, Guangdong and Beijing cuisine, with regional specialties, sauces and seasonings being brought directly from China. Main dishes include Peking duck (5,900 rubles), Buddha jumping over the wall soup (2,900 rubles) with shark fins, seafood, pork, chicken and ginseng, Cantonese goose (820 rubles) and many more habitual positions. The small European section of the menu, consisting of only 10 items, contains marbled beef tartare (1,290 rubles), borsch with smoked roast beef (590 rubles) and beef cheeks stewed in red wine (1,190 rubles).

Meat bar

Address: st. Zhukovsky, 22

Working hours: 12:00-00:00

Phone: +7 (812) 922-55-39

Average check: 1 200 rubles

The meat restaurant on Zhukovsky Street, the main feature of which is the ability to cook dinner on your own: frying surfaces are built into the tables here. A similar format so far has been offered only by the "Brazier" project on Razezhee Street.

Who discovered: The project’s ideologist and manager was Dmitry Chetverikov (UMAO, “The Lion and the Bird”).

What to order: On frying surfaces, visitors can cook a variety of steaks, for example, machetes, chuck, striploin, ribeye or pork entrecote (450 - 1,150 rubles). Authentic sauces are served for steaks and light vegetable side dishes are offered (180-300 rubles). In addition, the menu contains traditional snacks like Parma ham (390 rubles) and beef tartare (450 rubles), soups, several salads, as well as Asian pad-Thai noodles with shrimp or beef (410 rubles). The bar card focuses on wines: more than 10 draft positions are offered here, a glass costs from 210 to 340 rubles.

"Crazy Max"

Address: Sadovaya St., 12

Working hours: 12: 00-02: 00, on Fridays and Saturdays - around the clock

Phone: +7 (812) 900-90-12

Average check: 1,000 rubles

Giant beer restaurant with an area of ​​a thousand square meters, which has five bars of various formats, its own craft brewery and an outdoor terrace. The interior of the project is made in the style of an industrial loft and steampunk and, according to the idea, should refer to the aesthetics of the cult Australian action movie Mad Max.

Who discovered: The restaurant was opened by Russian billionaire Arkady Teplitsky, co-owner of the Adamant holding and the Maximilian chain of pubs. The project team is led by chef Roman Trusov and brand brewer Viktor Sobolev.

What to order: The institution offers about 300 brands of craft beer, including eight branded varieties that are brewed directly in one of the halls (140-210 rubles). There is also a cocktail card created by the mixologist of the “812” bar Vasily Zarkov: it includes both twists for classics and designer cocktails (250-850 rubles). Separately arranged whiskey bar, which is poured more than 100 kinds of whiskey and other strong drinks, including rare. The menu focuses on pan-Asian dishes. For starters, spring rolls and gyoza dumplings (350 rubles) are served, there is fo-bo soup and a whole line of woks (250-550 rubles). A separate section are dishes of Russian cuisine with olivier, dumplings and borsch.

Burger & crab

Address: st. Rubinstein, 40

Working hours: round the clock

Phone: +7 (812) 906-24-06

Average check: 1,000 rubles

The Gastrobar at the Five Corners in place of the Coffee House coffee shop, which was prefigured by the London-based Burger & Lobster chain, owned by Mikhail Zelman. Unlike the prototype, in St. Petersburg crabs became a specialty of burger. The interior is moderately brutal, it uses dark colors and raw concrete. Natural wood, of which the furniture is made, is called to balance them.

Who discovered: The project belongs to restaurateurs Roman Ladvinsky and Maxim Zubkov (BeerGemot, Old Dogs Irish Pub, a bar in the Weavers space).

What to order: The restaurant menu is divided into two main sections. The first one offers 15 dishes of crab: there are soups - tom yam (390 rubles) and crab biscuit (390 rubles), several salads, snacks (like bruschetta with crab, strawberries and avocado or crab donuts with honey and mustard sauce) and main dishes (for example, ravioli with crab (430 rubles) and fettuccine with crab and curry paste (450 rubles)). The second section of the menu is dedicated to burgers. They are offered 10 different types, including original options: for example, with lamb, soft cheese and cucumbers (390 rubles) or with steak from a diaphragm and chimmichurri sauce (470 rubles). In the bar card, for which Alexander Boltyan was responsible (House of Life, Bekitser), the emphasis is on bourbons, as well as on cocktails based on them.


"Business sausage"

Address: Bolshoi Prospect, P.S., 50

Working hours: 12: 00-23: 00, Fridays and Saturdays until 00:00

Phone: +7 (931) 311-29-11

Average check: 700 rubles

Cafe on the Petrograd side, created by analogy with the butchers of Prague, which manually cooked sausages and sausages.

Who discovered: The owner of the restaurant is Ksenia Fiver, for whom this is a debut project in the restaurant sector. The kitchen is headed by Alexander Zalessky ("The Vegan's Nightmare", "Flight Cafe").

What to order: Eight kinds of sausages and sausages are prepared at the cafe, including Munich (330 rubles), Toulouse (370 rubles), Huli-Huli from minced chicken with pineapple and sausages from lamb (520 rubles). They offer appropriate side dishes. The bar card contains a fairly wide range of beer (200-300 rubles), wine (200-300 rubles), vodka and soft drinks.


Address: Bolshaya Morskaya St., 10

Working hours: 09:00-23:00

Average check: 800 rubles

Democratic vegetarian cafe on Bolshaya Morskaya Street, a stone's throw from the arch of the General Staff Building, decorated in the aesthetics of a decadent Petersburg loft with marble tables, antique doors and windows, a crystal chandelier and designer furniture.

Who discovered: The cafe was opened by the founder of Ziferburg coworking and the curator of the Golitsyn Loft cluster, Natalya Olina, and the co-owner of the Ukrop vegetarian cafe chain, Alexander Gamayunov.

What to order: The menu includes proven and simple vegetarian dishes, with a decent selection of vegan items. It serves breakfast with unusual cereals, for example, from green buckwheat (190 rubles), omelettes (from 170 rubles) and cheesecakes (230 rubles). The main menu includes soups (for example, beetroot cream soup with ricotta cheese (250 rubles) and tom yam with coconut milk (230 rubles)), several types of pasta (280-340 rubles) and hearty hot meals no more expensive 450 rubles. Soon, the organizers promise a large wine list, but for now they will take a cork fee of 700 rubles for each bottle of wine brought with them.


Address: Horse Guards Blvd, 21

Working hours: from 12:00 until the last visitor

Phone: +7 (812) 926-44-21

Average check: 1,000 rubles

The long-awaited institution from the team of the "Loafers" space on Horse Guards Boulevard. The institution is conceived as a place that combines several formats at once: this is a bar, a democratic restaurant with full cuisine, and a cultural space with parties, football broadcasts and a petanque platform.

Who discovered: The owners and ideologists of the bar are restaurateur Evgeny Khitkov (Wine Cabinet, Hamlet & Jacks), bartender Alexander Boltyan (House of Life, Bekitser, wineglass Near,), disc jockey Nikolai Fatyanov (Fanick) and Rinat Umyarov ( Beatnik, "Loafers"). Chef Alexander Tikhonov is responsible for the kitchen.

What to order: The menu of the restaurant is short and simple, based on seasonal products and will be regularly updated. Now you can order chicken liver pate (220 rubles), potato salad with smoked mackerel (230 rubles), gnocchi with duck (350 rubles), chicken schnitzel with smoked potatoes and porcini mushrooms (300 rubles) and orzo with black pudding and jalapenos ( 300 rubles). The bar offers a wide range of rare spirits, signature and classic cocktails, nine sorts of draft and a selection of bottled beer, as well as wine.

Alex P. Bar & Pastrami

Address: st. Truth, 17

Working hours: 09:00-23:00

Phone: +7 (981) 855-17-17

Average check: 700 rubles

Cafe on Pravda Street, specializing in pastrami - delicious meat, pickled and smoked in a special way. The cafe is decorated simply underlined: light walls, tiles and furniture made of natural wood, and the prices in the institution are kept affordable.

Who discovered: The project’s ideologist is Alexander Pugachev, an experienced St. Petersburg bartender who put up a bar card in many popular places, including the House of Life, Huligans, Lastochka and Beatnik. The kitchen of the institution was headed by a novice chef Arthur Karnaukhov.

What to order: Pasta in Alex P. is prepared in four types (from beef, pork, chicken and turkey) and used in a variety of dishes: sandwiches (240-310 rubles), kebabs (240-310 rubles), and salads (220-260 rubles) ) and soups (270 rubles). The bar card includes craft beer, wine and signature cocktails.


Address: 9th line V.O., 20

Working hours: 11:00-23:00

Phone: +7 (963) 248-28-40

Average check: 1,000 rubles

Inexpensive cafe on Vasilievsky Island, combining European classics and Japanese sushi and rolls in a modern reading.

Who discovered: The chef of the project is Gayana Gevorgyan.

What to order: In the European section of the menu there are, for example, halibut in bechamel sauce (350 rubles), lamb in spicy sauce (300 rubles), several classic salads and soups. In the Japanese section - a selection of classic sushi and rolls: Caesar will cost 180 rubles, Philadelphia with eel - 275 rubles, California costs 180 rubles.

"Street Soup Culture"

Address: Pestel street, 14

Working hours: 10:00-20:00

Phone: +7 (911) 950-67-70

Average check: 185 rubles

The second establishment of the network specializing in the sale of cream soups in glasses, which is convenient to take with you and drink on the go. The first cafe has been operating on the Griboedov Canal for a year and a half.

Who discovered: The ideologist of the project is Natalia Tsibizova. Food recipes for the chain's establishments were developed by Sergey Fokin, chef and co-owner of Four Hands gastrobar.

What to order: Every day, five different types of mashed soups are prepared here, and during the week 20 types of soup are replaced on the menu: from the most familiar ones like veal borscht to exotic ones - Thai coconut or onion white wine soup. Also on the menu are a variety of sandwiches (70-90 rubles), burritos and salads.



Address: Sadovaya St., 8

Working hours: from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 18:00 to 02:00

Phone: +7 (900) 625-80-88

Average check: 1,000 rubles

An elegant bar on Sadovaya Street in the style of the Brooklyn loft with art deco elements, which serves designer cocktails and contemporary snacks.

Who discovered: Salut is a project of the Imbibe cocktail bar team: bartenders Sergei Tukaev and Dmitry Mikheev.

What to order: The bar card offers 16 unusual cocktails (350-420 rubles), for example, based on rum with the addition of oxalic cordial and apple liqueur, a selection of wines (from 250 rubles per glass and 1,600 rubles per bottle), several beers and strong alcohol, including including rare. The menu includes the appropriate appetizers: trout tartare with coconut milk mousse (410 rubles), smoked mackerel paste with sea buckthorn and burnt bread (250 rubles) or beef medallions with smoked prune cream (590 rubles).

"A curtain"

Address: nab. Fontanka River, 20

Working hours: 15: 00-01: 00, Fridays and Saturdays until 03:00

Phone: +7 (965) 058-07-80

Average check: 500 rubles

A tiny cocktail bar in the Golitsyn Loft cluster. The main feature of the new institution is the preliminary preparation of alcohol for cocktails: it is insisted on various fruits and herbs. For example, rum - on lemongrass, bourbon - on the leaves of Kaffir lime, and gin - on pineapple.

Who discovered: Masha Terka, the barman of the burger chain Bureau, is responsible for the bar.

What to order: In addition to cocktails, the bar offers wine (150 rubles for a glass, 900 rubles for a bottle), beer (200 rubles) and soft drinks. The creators refused a full-fledged cuisine in favor of simple snacks: for example, they serve cheese and meat plates (250-300 rubles), beef tataki (300 rubles), lamb sausages with baked potatoes (320 rubles) and fish and chips 350 rubles).


Address: st. Rubinstein, 2

Working hours: 16:00-02:00

Phone: +7 (812) 928-02-21

Average check: 1,000 rubles

A new bar on Rubinstein Street, the concept of which is built around domestic alcoholic drinks, as well as alcohol from the former Soviet republics.

Who discovered: The project belongs to the Chaliapin restaurant group (Chaliapin, Arka). Chef bartender Dmitry Suvorov is responsible for the bar in the restaurant; chef Yuri Kopalin sets the kitchen.

What to order: On the basis of domestic alcohol, about 20 original cocktails are prepared here, named after the works of Russian writers and composers. For example, the Nutcracker cocktail (390 rubles) is made on the basis of buckwheat vodka, buckwheat honey, ginger and mead, and the Kashtanka cocktail (490 rubles) consists of dogwood distillate, vermouth, chestnut liquor and chocolate bitter. In addition to cocktails, the bar card contains half-barrels, moonshine, chachi, tinctures and a variety of vodka, and the Krasnodar and Crimean brands are presented in the wine section. Unusual snacks will be served for cocktails: variations of vegetable and meat chips (160 rubles), miniature pies and, for example, beetroot candies with horseradish mousse (160 rubles).

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