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Khinkal "Katso" in "Greenwich" and the panoramic Bow Jones coffee shop in "Demidov"

In the new Discovery of the Week, Life around Yekaterinburg talks about the new khinkal Katso at Greenwich and the Bow Jones coffee shop on the site of Lakmuss in the Demidov skyscraper.


Lilia Nizamova

Khinkal "Katso"

ADDRESS: st. March 8, 46, fifth stage of the Greenwich shopping center, third floor

PHONE: +7 (929) 221-16-66

WORKING HOURS: Sunday-Thursday 12: 00-24: 00, Friday-Saturday 12: 00-02: 00

Khinkalnaya opened on the site of the restaurant "Glade", which we talked about at the end of last year. The interior has remained the same, only the entrance group has changed - now the word "Katso" flaunts on the sign, and on the black board you can get acquainted with the menu of the institution.

It’s crowded inside, especially if you come on the weekend. Now this place is about hookahs and Georgian cuisine, but most of the guests drink beer or wine and just come for a snack rather than enjoying Adjarian khachapuri. Moreover, baking here is prepared on the usual yeast dough and khachapuri is not at all the same as in Georgia.

There are four types of khinkali on the menu: classic (pork with veal), with beef and pumpkin, with lamb and chicken and mushrooms. Chefs can cook boiled (60 rubles each) or fried (65 rubles each). Classic khinkali on a dish turned out to be of different shapes. There is nothing special in the main dish of the restaurant - the dough is thick and the filling is piled with a big lump.

In addition to Georgian specialties, the menu also has homemade dishes: borsch, dumplings, chicken cutlets with mashed potatoes. From desserts they will offer sour cream, honey cake, baklava and no hint of churchkhela. Among the drinks there is Georgian beer and wine from 1,100 rubles per bottle.

In Tyumen, the same name khinkal "Katso" are popular, but why to go here with a variety of Georgian institutions in Yekaterinburg is not clear. A new restaurant was quickly opened at the Polyany place, but all the problems remained - in the evening you will be served by three or even four people, they will mix up the orders, and they will cook it mediocre.

Quotes from the menu:

Adjarian Khachupari - 210 RUBLES

Ojahuri - 270 RUBLES

Ajapsandal with Baked Suluguni - 245 RUBLES

Red Bean Lobio - 130 RUBLES

Chicken Lula Kebab - 190 RUBLES

Vanilla ice cream - 150 RUBLES

Bow jones

ADDRESS: st. Boris Yeltsin, 3/2, 30th floor of the business center "Demidov"

PHONE: +7 (912) 643-72-11

WORKING HOURS: Monday-Friday 8: 00-22: 00, Saturday-Sunday 9: 00-22: 00



A new coffee shop appeared on the site of Lakmuss Alexander Sizov. The interior of Elena Prislonova was left from the previous tenant, also the gears on the wall behind the bar counter remind of the former place. Now Bow Jones have changed the lighting and added wine glasses to the pillar.

The coffee maker was opened by Danil Kandalintsev, the creator of the Bow Jones Coffee chain, and chef Ivan Khromtsov. Bow Jones Coffee is a Specialty-class network coffee shop with points at business centers (today there are 22) and its own roasting shop. The new place became a flagship; in April, the authors present the second project in the Suvorov Business Center on the site of the Coffee Project. The title is based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

From 8:00 to 12:00, combo breakfasts of 130 and 180 rubles will be offered here. In the first case, you can order pancakes or porridge, and in the second - cottage cheese pancakes or fried eggs, coffee is already included in the price. From 12:00 to 16:00, during business lunches, a 30% discount on the entire menu is provided. Breakfast is very crowded here.

While the menu is abridged, but from Monday they promise the full version. Now you can take breakfast, sandwiches, salads and desserts, as well as croquettes - the menu has four options from 220 to 250 rubles. In the evening, dinner is offered at 1,000 rubles for two. This price includes salad and hot.

Over time, Khromtsov and Kandalintsev want to realize the coffee and alcohol format by offering different drinks.

Quotes from the menu:

Cheesecakes - 150 RUBLES

Greek style salad - 250 RUBLES

Warm sandwich with young mozzarella - 220 RUBLES

Potato croquet with salmon of weak salt and cream cheese - 250 RUBLES

Filter Coffee - 100 RUBLES

Rough - 200 RUBLES

restaurant news

Asian Bistro "Tao"

ADDRESS: st. Malysheva, 71, second floor of the Bolshoi shopping center

PHONE: +7 (952) 731-70-26

Breakfasts appeared in the Asian bistro - three varieties of cereals for 120 rubles, cheesecakes for 130 rubles and dishes from eggs for 190 rubles. Rice porridge is cooked with coconut chips with cranberries, lemongrass and pistachios. Scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs or scramble served with homemade brioche and grilled avocado. Breakfast is prepared from 10:00 to 16:00.

Confectionery La Rose

ADDRESS: 25 Lenin Ave., Shopping Center "Europe", ground floor

PHONE: +7 (343) 311-38-38

Eclair prepared a special sweet gift for men. By February 23, you can order a set of handmade khaki chocolates. Two fillings were hidden inside: classic chocolate and chocolate with dark Guinness. The cost of sweets in a box with a beautiful card is 650 rubles. Such a gift is available on pre-order.

Restaurant Eat Meet

ADDRESS: st. Yumasheva, 5, LCD "Admiral"

PHONE: +7 (343) 287-80-70

From February 21 to March 3, the second festival of fish and seafood will be held in the family restaurant. The menu is from Alexander Pyankov: salmon tartare with burrata cheese and green onion oil, Murmansk flounder with herbs and black pasta with octopus.

Restaurant "Spark"

ADDRESS: st. Engels 36

PHONE: +7 (343) 271-21-08

Every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00 "Spark" invites to brunch. Two dishes from the special menu and prosecco without restrictions cost 990 rubles. You can choose quinoa with fried bananas, shakshuku, benedict with bacon on a brioche or shrimp, pancake cake with nuts and other dishes.

Pizzeria Ptizza Happiness

ADDRESS: st. Malysheva, 53, fifth floor of the Antey business center

PHONE: +7 (343) 344-75-00

The pizzeria announced the launch of delivery. You can order your favorite pizza on the website or by phone until 21:00. They will bring them in a beautiful white box with the inscription "Choose me."

Shop "Sobolev cheese"

ADDRESS: st. Belinsky, 30

PHONE: +7 (912) 629-28-88

On February 22, a cheese food evening will be held at the cheese shop with local producers who will present bread, cheese and fish. Maxim Sobolev presents cheeses, Ekaterina Soboeva from LOVE FISH - fish, and Denis Panfilov, the owner of the Craft Bread bakery, will answer the question, what is craft bread and why is it so tasty. Snacks will be served drinks Solovyov's vinotheque and homemade Isabella Soboleva. The beginning of the evening at 19:30, the cost of participation is 2,000 rubles per person.

Restaurant "Dubrovin"

ADDRESS: st. Malysheva 74

PHONE: +7 (343) 253-99-89

On February 22, Dubrovin hosts a gastronomic dinner, Born in the USSR. At the evening, dishes and wines from Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan will be served. Beginning at 19:00, the cost of participation is 2,000 rubles per person.

Shop "Delicious crab"

ADDRESS: st. Khokhryakova, 23

PHONE: +7 (343) 344-64-67

On February 23, the Tasty Crab store will host a master class on opening oysters with their subsequent tasting with white wine from the Barolo wine cellar. Beginning at 15:00, the cost of participation is 1,000 rubles per person.

Wine bar "Karma"

ADDRESS: st. Khokhryakova, 21

PHONE: +7 (912) 262-98-21

A wine bar invites to a tasting of wines from the USA on Defender of the Fatherland Day. Anna Nolan, a teacher at the Ivan Lazarev School of Wine, brought a suitcase of exclusive wine from Washington state and entertaining stories about each of them. Beginning at 19:00, the cost of participation is 1,500 rubles per person.

Restaurant "Pate"

ADDRESS: st. Tolmacheva, 23

PHONE: +7 (343) 228-00-59

On February 24, young chefs are invited to a children's culinary master class. On the menu: colorful pasta with meatballs and cherry cocktail. Beginning at 12:30, the cost of participation is 1,000 rubles.

Pinzeria by bontempi

ADDRESS: st. Boris Yeltsin, 3, second floor "Public Market"

PHONE: +7 (343) 287-77-55


On February 24, at 13:00, a children's culinary master class on cooking tweezers with nutella and strawberries will be held in the pizzeria. The host is Italian Rafael Leonardi. The participation fee is 500 rubles.

King Kong Pizza

ADDRESS: st. March 8, 46, fifth stage of the Greenwich shopping center, third floor

PHONE: +7 (343) 266‑76-97

The largest Greenwich restaurant plays three dishes on instagram: the lamb leg stewed in salt, a foreign snack with beer and the Ural snack with vodka. The results will be known on the evening of February 22.

Tikhvin Lobby Bar offers a complimentary glass of prosecco on Saturdays.

In the Chinese bistro Jang Su appeared branded sweatshirts of 2,000 rubles. Sizes S to L.

February 21 announced two high-profile discoveries. At 12:00 on the street Malysheva 29 will launch the project “Everything is here” - they promise to feed 300 people for free, give a 50% discount on the menu and play an iPhone.

February 21 will be the official opening of the Black Star Burger on the street. Weiner, 12 with burgers that Timati will personally prepare, as well as a thousand free dishes.


Watch the video: From khinkal in the Caucasus Mountains to fish from the Caspian Sea - Taste of Russia Ep. 21 (November 2019).

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