All of their own: Cooking at the Great Sampsonievsky

In a big city there is always a place for authentic establishments, where, on the one hand, it is "strange", but tasty and cheap. Few people know about them, but the staff smiles and recognizes visitors by sight. They are not in the tourist routes, and knowing about them, you can consider yourself local. Find them helps word of mouth or friends. Life around continues the heading "All of its own", where the townspeople show the editors such places. The new issue includes the Vkusnyatino cafe-cookery on Bolshoi Sampsonievsky, which is visited by Yana Mezheinikova from the Expert North-West magazine.

Cafe-cooking "Yummy"

Bolshoy Sampsonievsky pr., 21
Operation mode:


Yana Mezheinikova

Head of PR Department, Expert North-West Magazine

Recommendations: cold borsch, fish
in marinade, compote
dried fruit

Against the background of plumbing stores, the Vkusnyatino café-culinary on the ground floor of a residential building is quite difficult to notice. You need to focus on decorative tables, standing in huge windows, display cases. Previously, there was a bar on this place, but the format of the cafe-cookery was more in demand among residents of nearby houses and workers from factories. There is only one room, orders are received and issued at the counter. There are few casual guests, almost all visitors come back every day.

Food and drink

I found out about this institution not so long ago - the whole fault was the change of office and the complete absence of decent catering in the district. The food here is really very good - the food reminds of Soviet times. She is home as much as possible. Not as in dining rooms or restaurants, but as in a country house. It’s like daddy fried meat in the morning, and when you come home from school, you open the refrigerator and see it - not particularly presentable, slightly weathered, but very simple and tasty.

First of all, I recommend trying fish soup and cold borsch. I can eat the last liter, here it is made vigorous - with vinegar, with a minimum of potatoes and cabbage, but with cucumbers, meat, eggs, onions and sour cream. Apparently, the cook and I have the same views on the perfect soup. Still very good fish under tomato and carrot marinade. It is first fried and then stewed. Just like my mom cooks. It even looks exactly the same.

Coffee here, by the way, is inexpensive and pretty good. I recommend their homemade jelly. Well, where in the city can you find jelly? And here it is, the real one. And compote from citrus or dried fruits, as given in kindergarten. Brown-gold color, with a clear prune flavor and raisins.

Owners and staff

The staff is very small: only a cook and a charming young lady with extended nails, often acidic flowers, work here at a time. At the same time, she is incredibly frank, she can say: "It's overcrowded today, if you don’t like it, don’t take it better!" or "The cook just experimented today."

If some salad is over, it can be cut specifically for the visitor. In such cases, the girl at the counter shouts: "Lucy, they wanted a salad!" - and Lucy quickly slices the salad. By the way, olive oil is used in its preparation, which surprised and pleased me very much.

The owner of the establishment is constantly sitting in the corner at the entrance. He reads a newspaper and slowly drinks beer from a glass. Then he takes a new jar and sits down again to read the newspaper. If there are few visitors, employees go out into the hall, sit down near the TV and begin to click the remote control.

Eggplant roll - 30 rubles; French meat - 60 rubles; Fruit compote - 30 rubles


This place is no claim. Everything is as simple as possible, but neat. Under the mug is a napkin. Everything lies smoothly and beautifully on a plate. Chipped dishes from different sets, cute saucers with blue flowers and salad plates with white gimmicks. The design touches, it’s all much more charming than emasculated coffee houses with their business lunches for middle managers. They evoke boredom, and this innocent vulgarity amuses. And not just me.

Regular visitors are mainly workers from nearby factories. They usually come from an hour to three, and after them the choice of dishes is already quite small. Sometimes locals drop by who are too lazy to cook at home. They recognize customers by sight and can give a small "loan" if they suddenly did not have enough for lunch.

Excerpts from the menu

65 rubles

Macaroni (150 g)
20 rubles

Buckwheat with mushrooms (100 g)
30 rubles

Fish under the marinade (100 g)
50 rubles

Pork roast (100 g)
70 rubles

Herring under a fur coat (100 g)
30 rubles

Salad "Crab" (100 g)
30 rubles

Cream Chicken
65 rubles

Stuffed pepper
55 rubles

Fish casserole
75 rubles

65 rubles

Stuffed cabbage
50 rubles

80 rubles

30 rubles

Eggplant roll
30 rubles

60 rubles

Milk to coffee
10 rubles

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Photos: Dima Tsyrenshchikov


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